Monday, February 18, 2008

eBay Strike February 18th-25th

It seems like I am gone for a few short weeks, having a baby, and when I get back I find out about this! I think I must be the last person to know about it! The funny thing is I just took pictures of some sets to list, and right when I get on the computer to upload the pictures is when I see all the emails about the strike.

If you want more information about the strike CLICK HERE.

What does the strike include? No Buying, No Listing, No Selling, No Bidding...Basically No Activity on the dates above. Why? Here are a few reasons I had emailed to me:

First, they are raising the Final Value Fee by as much as 33%-66%, depending on what your item ends up selling for.

Second, they are doing away with the current feedback system. They are only going to let customers leave feedback for the seller. As you can see it would be very easy to ruin a sellers reputation with this kind of feedback system, especially if another seller wanted to get rid of some competition.

Third, if a seller has less then a 95% satisfaction rating on eBay, eBay will not display your auctions in the search engine. That means that you can pay eBay all their fees, and your item will be on page 100 where no one will probably come across it unless they are browsing through every page of, let's say, "custom boutique". Plus, getting a 95% satisfaction rating will be much more likely for sellers because of the second reason above.

Forth, PayPal is making a change, too. If you have less then 100 feedback, and you sell something that is paid for with PayPal, they will hold the money for 21 days. So you are expected to ship the item, basically free, and hope that the money comes through. Also, if you have that 95% or lower rating, this also applies to you. You will not see a cent of your money for 3 weeks after the item is sold. You can see how this may effect sellers that need to sell on eBay as an income.

This is most the information I have on the strike, and at this moment I am supporting it.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Blog Sale

In light of the eBay strike that is going to be happening Feb. 18th-25th, I decided to post a few items that I was going to list, on here instead. If you are interested in purchasing any of these then shot me over an email. It will be on a first come first serve basis:

Spring '07 Oilily Set, Size 98 (US 3), Excellent Cond., $60 (Shown on a model who is currently wearing a 104 in Oilily)

Spring '07 Oilily Set, Size 98 (US 3), Excellent Cond., $60 (Shown on a model who is currently wearing a 104 in Oilily)

Custom Spring Set By Designer Bug*N*Belle, Size 3T-4T, Excellent Cond., $60

Pictures Of The Newest Little Prince

You have asked for them, and here they of Baby Mason. I can't believe how long it took me to get my card reader! Geez, sorry about that! Anyways, here's my little love muffin!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Ivylane Celebrates Their 2nd Anniversary

Ivylane is celebrating their second anniversary, and launching with some fabulous guest designers. Each member was asked to invite a friend to the party, and then each designer was told to bring something special. There is so much talent in this launch, and so many adorable designs, you are sure to find something you can't live without! Click Here to go to all the listings. Below are a few designs that got my attention, but there are so many more!

TakeABowCreations And That*Funky*Boutique











Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Baby Mason Has Arrived!

I know that many of my loyal readers are probably wondering if I have had my baby by now. Sorry for not sharing sooner, but he was born on Friday, January 25th, at 4:17am. He weighed only 6 pounds, and was 19" long. I had gone in on Thursday morning to do a "clean catch" since at my doctors appointment the prior day she had found protein in my urine. I got a call at work on Thursday afternoon that there was still protein in my urine, and they would like me to go in to labor and delivery to do a blood test, and check my blood pressure. I waited until I got off work, and then went over to the hospital, assuming I would be in and out in a few hours. I even told my husband not to leave work, I knew that they weren't keeping me. Well, my blood pressure was pretty high, and since I was already dilated and thinned out, they decided to just go ahead and induce me. Yes, that means the dreaded Pitocin! They started the induction at 9pm, I held off the epidural until 2am, and he was delivered at 4:17am. One push and he was out, no complaints from me on that! I just couldn't believe how tiny he was, and still is! I was only one week early. They told me it was because of the high blood pressure, and also because when he was born there was no amniotic fluid. I don't understand how that could be because I had an ultrasound a week earlier and they measured the amniotic fluid. Anyway, he is happy and healthy, and that is all that matters. Now, I know you are probably all wanting to see some pictures. This was so unplanned, that I accidently left my card reader at my work, and I haven't been back to get it, plus I have no idea where the cord is to plug my camera directly in to the computer. So you are all just going to have to wait :) I should get my card reader in the next couple days. I just wanted to let everyone know that, yes, he is here, and yes, we are all doing great!