Thursday, December 27, 2007

Trevor Is 2 Today!!

Yes, it is hard for me to believe that my little man is already two years old! He was such a good baby on the day he was born. I was rubbing my belly asking him not to be born on Christmas or New Years, and on 12/27 he decided to come. See what I mean? He was already listening to his mommy! Here are a few of my favorite pictures of him:

Boy, does time sure fly! Pretty soon baby 3 will be here!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What I Got For Christmas...

Are these gorgeous Ugg boots:

If you remember a few months back I did a post about my search for the discontinued "Sundance" boots, that I so desperately had to have before they were completely sold out, never to be seen again. Well, I ended up finding those, and just in the knick of time, because now those are gone. I just love these boots so much that I asked for the above boots in chocolate, to give my feet a little treat this Holiday season. Plus when you are 8 months prego like I am, and your feet are swollen like water balloons, these boots can not come soon enough. I can actually get them on, although a little tight, but the tightness doesn't even bother me when I am walking on the puffy, cushy, insoles. Heaven for the feet!!!

Then I got a few pair of comfy lounge around pants from Victoria Secret's "Pink" collection. They are like these but not exactly the same.

And, of course, we can't forget about the almost overwhelming amount of gift cards. Nordstroms is the first GC on my list every year, then we have Borders, and VS, and Old Navy, and all the dining places my heart could desire. I had a great Christmas, and hope that you all did too!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My New Look...Brought To You By...

Jen from Barefoot*Divas. She did such an awesome job, and I am grateful to her for taking the time to help me out and come up with this design to make my blog a little more eye appealing! She is such a sweetie, and sooooo easy to work with. If you are wanting a new look for your blog you should definitely check her out! Thanks Jen!!

Who's At The Top...$$$

Here are the leaders for today:

1. Oli*Beli ~ "Princess Fairy" ~ Ivylane

2. Tiny*Toes*Boutique ~ "M2MG Cupcake Cutie" ~ PoppySt

3. Tiny*Toes*Boutique ~ "Valentines Kitty" ~ PoppySt

4. MoMosClothes ~ "Garden Fairy" ~ Ivylane

5. Janea04 ~ "Euro Fairy" ~ Ivylane

Favorite Auctions Of The Week

Here are a few of my favorites. Not too many this time, as I can tell designers are probably a little slow right now, and probably busy with family things. I want to add that the Fairy sets in the thread below should also be included on this list!










Friday, December 14, 2007

I Love Fairies!!!

And Ivylane is doing a launch right now dedicated to those girly, feminine, little creatures. How thrilled am I? Ummm, more then thrilled, especially when you see the designs these girls came up with. I am so ready to start looking for Spring attire, and these sets definitely speak to me about the warmer months ahead. Check them out for yourself! Click here to go straight to this launch.




Friday, December 7, 2007

Are You Ready For Valentine's Day?

With all the adorable valentine customs on eBay right now, it has got me thinking about that special day. Of course, we still have to get through Christmas and New Years first! And I have to get through having my third child, and then it will be Valentines Day :) So for me it is somewhere out there in the distance, not really occupying my mind much as of yet, but Valentines is HOT on eBay right now, so that forces me to start shopping for that unique custom outfit. I certainly want to get it while the gettin' is good. I would hate to let my favorites go, never to see them again. So if you are starting to shop for a Valentine custom like I am, here are a few favorites I spotted for you to consider. I also have a few under my favorite auctions of the week thread. Click on the designers name to go straight to that auction. Have fun shopping!










***And don't forget the PrimRose launch that is going on this week on eBay. It is dedicated to Valentine attire, jewels, you name it! You are sure to find something there! Click here to go to their auctions.***

Thursday, December 6, 2007

More Favorite Auctions

Duh, I had these to put up as some of my favorites, and I guess I overlooked them! Anyway, here are a few more of my favorites for the week :)