Monday, April 30, 2007

New Designer Gets Noticed

Okay, she may not be totally new, but I just noticed her when I was browsing around, and she caught my eye. Every once in awhile I am lucky enough to stumble upon these fairly new designers that I have never seen before. This time I have found Patricia, the designer behind Lilys*Suitcase. She has been designing on eBay for over a year now...where have I been??? I love how she uses quality fabrics, and she answers questions quickly with a friendly attitude. The set below was listed on the Favorite Auctions thread in the BDB, and I totally love it!
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These other two sets are ending soon, so snag them while you have the chance! So, so cute, and at a great price!
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
If you want to check out her current auctions, Click Here.I love trying out new designers, and I feel with this designers feedback, the fabric she uses, and her timely responses, there isn't alot of risk involved!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Who's At The Top...$$$

1. TheCharmedChild ~ Spongeman ~ StudioE

2. MonaLisaBoutique ~ Totally Custom Euro ~ MeliMelo

3. Sew*Cute*On*You! ~ Dream Theme ~ ODOD

4. Ritchie*Rags ~ Botanica ~ LimeVine

5. TheCharmedChild ~ Rain Rain Go Away ~ StudioE

These are the top 5 current auctions on eBay. I only went with what had bids. They all have time left, so they might move up or down in rank. My favorites happen to be 3 & 4. We shall see if they end up taking the top spot!

Disney Couture Gets A Makeover...

And I LOVE it! Cree from Bowznstuff_Boutique has done it again, this time using Princess Ariel as her theme character. I love her bold approach, and the amazing color scheme. The runaway appliques make this set a true original! Plus, look at all the pieces included! It is hard to find a set that includes both bows, and a made to match bracelet! You get the whole look in one auction, without having to buy extras, this is a definate plus for buyers! If you really want your child to shine in the spotlight at Disney, this set is a must have! Heck, we aren't even going to Disney, and I want this set! Good job Cree, keep 'em comin'!

Thursday, April 26, 2007


That is how I felt when I read on Amelia's Blog that she has awarded ME the "Thinking Blogger Award". I really am speechless right now! Someone that I admire and adore, not only for her amazing designs and creativity, but her personality that can make anyone smile, has chosen to give this award to me. She actually inspired me to start my own blog! Thanks Girl, I am honored! And, most recentley, Gyl from Rhembein has awarded me too! WOWZA, is all I can say! I absolutely love Gyl's designs, Her fabric combos are so fresh and bold! I love that her designs have her own special style and flare. Not to even mention her amazing photography skills! Gyl, I truly admire you on many levels! Thanks again girlies!

NOW here are the "Rules"

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.

2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.

3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote.

I'm choosing:

1. Sugar*Sweet*Boutique ~ Emily is such a dear friend and her blog reminds me of youth and laughter. I love all her beautiful pics of Taya. She reminds me to capture all those special moments.

2. Vintageandchic*Boutique ~ Chelsea's blog reminds me of friendship, and that is exactly what she is to me. I love Chelsea's designs, and she is such a positive and up-beat person. When you talk to Chelsea, you feel as if you have known her forever. That is my favorite quality about her, and something I strive for.

3. Mamapatrice ~ I have been a long time fan of Patrice's work. Her blog makes me think about getting a Newfoundland, LOL! Patrice is such a sweetie, and I love how her pictures are so classic. They make her designs really come to life! Patrice, your designs are like timeless pieces of art.

4. Junk2JewelsBoutique ~ Tracy is so creative and I love how her blog displays her many talents. From home decor, to jewels, to boutique clothing, she really has the capability of turning something plain into something spectacular.

5. Kandy*Kisses* ~ I love seeing inside a designers life, and Laurie's blog really shows me that there is more to a designer then the clothing they make. It shows me that they are real people with real families and real lives, not just that lady that made that outfit for my daughter.

Have fun with it girls...Can't wait to see who you hand out the award to!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Favorite eBay Auctions...

So my favorite eBay auctions this week are:

For The Boys:

Little*Red*Wagon ~ "Beach Baby"

Bug*N*Belle ~ "Nautical Sailor"

SewandSews ~ "Uncle Sam"

For The Girls:

TreasureHunter76 ~ "Summer Medley"

Kandy*Kisses* ~ "Forest Fancy"

I love the story behind this one...Way to make me cry, Eva!

FreshAndVintage ~ "VW"

And one for the Mommies, with Mother's Day coming up and all:

Junk2JewelsBoutique ~ "Sterling Name Necklace"

My Little Man In Girls Clothing

So I bought this custom for Trevor, thinking from the picture that it was a uni-sex set. Well, when I got it, I noticed that the reindeers had bows in their hair, and the inside tag says Luli*Girl. Now, I really don't care what the inside tag says, but if my husband saw it he might faint! I really think he missed the little bows too. Trevor was just so darn cute in it, plus it was so soft and comfy, I just let him wear it. Did I do the wrong thing? Is he going to be forever scarred? I think I will just put it in his little box of special items, and tuck it away until he is about 18, then I will pull it out and tell him "you used to wear stuff like this". I'm sure he will have his bags packed and ready to move out in no time!

Friday, April 20, 2007

I've Been Tagged

So, awhile back I was tagged by Wendy of WendysWorldArt. Thanks alot Wendy (hehe)! Oh, BTW, I love your artwork! So, yes, it has taken me a long time to post my workspace, and NO, I don't want to do it. This has to be the most embarrasing thing I have done in a long time. Let me just start by saying that we recently moved, so my "space" isn't all cute and pretty like everyone elses. I have been going room to room decorating, and haven't even touched the den yet. You will see a lone candle sitting on top of my PC, that is as far as I have gotten. We got rid of our computer desk and chair in the move, and we are planning on getting a new set soon. Right now I am using my old kitchen table and a broke down chair (shameful, I know). Some people wanted me to share photos of my new house, so there it is. I will have to post more rooms later. If anyone wants to share some decorating tips then feel free! So I guess I need to tag someone now. Is that how it goes? Well, everyone I know has already been tagged! Ohhh, I found someone, she probably won't like this, but I have to do it :) Tanya from Bug*N*Belle, I am tagging you!! Show me your desk or workspace, and please don't hate me :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Designer Interview ~ VintageAndChic*Boutique

When I first thought about doing a designer interview on my blog, my first question was who would be a great person to start out with. I naturally thought about asking my good friends, but then thought I really want to start with someone I would like to get to know better. After that was established, I thought it would have to be someone I admire, someone I have worked with, who I know does excellent work and who strives to make their customers happy. Okay, now I have narrowed it down a bit. While I was reading a friends blog I came across a post from Chelsea, and thought, she is it! She meets all of my criteria! What I love about Chelsea's designs is her use of fabrics and colors. I think her color combos are unique and show her personal style. What I love about Chelsea is her willingness to do whatever it takes to make her customers happy. Her customer service goes above and beyond what I would expect. So, without furthur ado, her is my interview with Chelsea:

Where were you born and raised?

I was born and raised in Ogden, Utah.

Where do you live now?

I now live in Salt Lake City, Utah.

How many children do you have? Names and ages?

I have 4 children. 2 boys Gabriel 10,
Ethan 7, and 2 girls Lily 4, and
Olivia 1.

What are your hobbies (besides designing and sewing)?

I like to play tennis, garden, go to movies,
and cook (sometimes). I go to

Target enough to call that a hobby too:)

What is your eBay ID?

My ebay Id is vintageandchic*boutique,
but I go by vintage*chic.

Are you a member of a design group? How long have you been a member of that

I am in the group BonBijou. It's a newer group
that I started with my friend
Amie about 11 months ago.

How long have you been selling your designs on eBay?

I dabled in boutique eBay for about 1.5 years under
the eBay ID LollyPop Lily.
In the last 1.5 years I have
become more serious about it. So a total of 3

What got you started?

I was looking for cute boutique baby headbands for Lily
and I came across The
Pixies! I was amazed at the talent
and the cute clothes they were making. Since
I had a little
girl and I loved to sew, I decided to give it a try.

What is your inspiration for your designs?

My inspiriaton for my designs comes from my own style and
taste in clothes,
things around my house, favorite fabrics,
and my girls. I also get alot of
inspiraton from my group
mates and the many, many talented designers out there

Is there any other designers you admire?

There are a few designers I admire quite a bit, but
the one that I have enjoyed
the most in the last year or
so is Amelia of Sweet_Feet_Boutique. Her designs are
fresh and stylish and she has really been an inspiration to me.
I have
recently gotten to know her a little better and she
is such a sweet person!
Another person I admire is Dayna
of my*unbirthday. Her quality is amazing and
she is so
much fun :) I also love and admire all the girls in
BonBijou and I
couldn't do what I do without their
support and friendship.

What is your favorite design you have created?

A favorite outfit that I have designed..... that is a tough
one. I have a few
that I have really loved, but I think my
most favorite is my Kaleidoscope set.
It was my first big
seller and I still get a lot of compliments on it.

(Pictured On Top Right)

What is your favorite fabric designer?

My favorite fabric designer is Amy Butler, but I am also
loving Heather Bailey.
I can't get enough of their fabric!!!

What is your favorite custom auction on eBay right now?

My favorite custom auction on eBay right now is a toss up
bellabebecoand mamapatrice. They are very
different instyle, but I love them both!
What can we expect from you in the future? 

You can expect me to be around for a while. I love to
design and I have found
that through eBay boutique I
can not only stayat home with my kids, but I am
able to spend quality time with my girls traveling
around to different
locations taking pictures and
just having fun! I am always trying to be more

creative and I try to come up with things that
are original. It's hard to do,
but I like the challenge:)

Chelsea's "Me" Page

Chelsea's eBay auctions

Chelsea's Blossom St. Store

Chelsea is offering a 10% discount off any purchase if
you tell her you read her interview on the BBB.

Monday, April 16, 2007

FreshAndVintage Photos

I wanted to share some photos of Sydney wearing her FreshAndVintage duds. Eva does remarkable work, and she is all about customer service. Plus, she is a total sweetheart!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

My 31st B-Day Bash

Just wanted to share with you some photos of my 31st birthday party. My friend April and I always celebrate together. She is the one with the crown. We had a great time!

Some Of Sydney's Many Resells

Here are some photos of current resells we have going right now on eBay. If you like what you see then click here to go to my current eBay auctions. All Sydney's resells were worn only a few times at most, and they are in perfect condition unless otherwise noted. Items do come from a smoke free home.

Rave Reviews For The Month Of April

So I wanted to tell you all about a few customs I have gotten this month that I am in LOVE with. Not only is the workmanship excellent, but so was the service. Here are my raves for the month of April...

The adorable outfit on the top was made by Tanya of Bug*N*Belle. Sydney wore it for Easter. The photo on the bottom was made by Emily of Sugar*Sweet*Boutique. I talk about it in another post. There are more raves to come for the month of April, so keep checking back!

So I Am Working On This Blog...

And trying to figure out what it should be about. Well, I love boutique and custom clothing on eBay, so why not create a blog for the buyers? I have seen so many designers blogs, and they are very adorable, but I wanted a place where both designers and buyers can come in and chat together. I wanted a place that buyers can go to get info on designers and see who is making the grade. On this blog I am going to have links to my favorite designers, favorite current auctions on eBay, interviews with designers and buyers, and whatever else I can think of!! If you have any ideas please let me know. FYI, this is not going to be a place where trash talking designers or buyers is going to be allowed. I want to focus on the POSITIVE transactions on and off eBay, not the negative ones! If you have an honest complaint about a designer or buyer, please clear it with me before you post. Thanks, and any input would be appreciated.

One Of My Favorite Designers...

Is Emily of Sugar*Sweet*Boutique. She is such a good person and a real friend I have met through eBay. She designed this dress for Sydney to wear on her many Easter Egg Hunts. We got so many compliments, and we absolutely love it! I also want to mention that Tanya from Bug*N*Belle made the adorable fur cuff undershirt.

Favorite eBay Auction This Week

OMG, there are soooo many cute ones right can a choose just one favorite??? Well, this is my blog, so I won't (hehe). Here are my favorites for this week:

Mamapatrice's new "Fresh Posies" set

Rose*Valley*Babies "Pink Parisian Rose Princess"

Little*Moonkey's "Whimsical Flower Fairy"

Blumencollection's "Bloom"

FreshAndVintage's "Calypso Dots"