Thursday, January 31, 2008

What Spring Means....

What does spring mean to you? It could mean tiny spotted eggs divinely created in a lovely array of pastels. Does it mean silently growing new beginnings of all of God's greenery? Or gathering with loved ones and celebrating Easter with a feast after church. Or the annual hunt that children of all ages engage in to find as many brightly colored eggs as they can! Well however you define it, the designers at PrimRoses Boutique have found a way to match or enhance your definition. If you are looking for that special outfit or accessory for spring 2008 then you can look no further! Search PrimRoses Boutique today and see for yourself what spring means.

Art of the Craft Studios

Barefoot*Divas Boutique

Bchic Designs

Calico Flamingo

Cinnamon Sticks


Thursday, January 24, 2008

An Update On My Pregnancy

So I went to my usual doctor's appointment on Monday, and I am now dilated to 3cm and about 80% effaced. My midwife sent me over to Labor and Delivery, because I hadn't felt Mason moving as much as usual, and she wanted to get an ultrasound, and also monitor my contractions. After 3 hours spent sitting there hooked up to machines, they decided to let me go home because my contractions were very few, and very inconsistent. They did tell me that Mason looks great and his heartbeat is normal, everything looks good there. So now I am just walking around, going to work, doing my normal routine, but always have in the back of my mind that I could go in to labor at any second. I am pretty stressed out, because I have this fear that by the time I actually feel some strong contractions, I will be far in to labor, and maybe I won't make it to the hospital. Plus, my aunt, on her third pregnancy had a similar story, and her water ended up breaking and the head of the baby was coming out almost simultaneously. Good thing she had just made it in to the hospital, or else she would have delivered wherever she was. Just wanted to let my readers know, if you don't hear from me for a few days, I probably, finally, went in to labor and am taking it easy!

Monday, January 21, 2008

VendeMia Offers Sneak Of Spring Launch

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, January 22nd, VendeMia is offering their "Venice in Spring" launch, along with some talented guest designers. What will we see? Bright and bold designs perfect for the Spring and Summer months ahead, with maybe a touch of Italian inspiration. Here are some gorgeous sneak peeks of sets that will be listed in this launch:




RagazzaBella Couture




Sweet Set From BridgetAndCo

I just love Debbie's creations, and this little Cupcake set is no exception. Just looking at it makes my mouth water! Perfect for Birthdays, Tea Parties, or any day you want your princess to feel extra sweet. Made from imported Japanese fabric, too!!! Yummmmm!

Friday, January 18, 2008

A Few Days Left For BethAndAngels Auctions!

I don't know much about Bethany, but from what I do know, she was a women who was in eBay groups, mainly to do with Gymboree clothing. Herself and 4 of her and her husbands children were hit by a drunk driver on Dec. 30th, 2007, and tragically their lives were taken. She has a husband, and two children that survived the accident. The eBay community has come together and listed a wide range of auctions, from photography services, to custom clothing, to collectibles, and all the money raised is going to help the surviving members of the family. Here is a little information I got off eBay:

"As fellow Ebay and yahoo group friends of Bethany, we have banned together to support this family in the best way we could. A launch has been organized to benefit the surviving family members in an effort to aid them in their financial distress as their physical healing takes place.

We are holding these auctions from January 13th through January 20th."

Click here to go straight to Beth&Angels auctions. There is still a few days left to bid, and anything will help!

The PrimRoses present Jennifer Paganelli

The talented designers of PrimRoses Boutique are currently launching using the Jennifer Paganelli fabric Line!

The excellence that you have come to expect from the PrimRoses are only enhanced in this launch due to the gorgeous fabrics that were designed by Jennifer Paganelli! This fabric is so lovely and just is reminicent of spring. What a perfect way to say good bye to winter!

From January 15th through the 22nd search PrimRoses Boutique to find the quality and originality that you can only find with The PrimRoses!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

BabyGoRetro Launch On Website

Sheila of BabyGoRetro is launching a new Spring line on her website, and is offering blog readers a special discount! The first 5 orders from blog readers get Free Shipping, just put in the code BB Blog at checkout to receive this offer. If you are on her look under "Spring Fling" for the new sets Sheila has created. Her work is awesome, and her style ranges from everyday wear, to formal wear. I just love, love, love her lounge sets! Go check them out for yourself! Here are a few of her new styles:

LimeVine Turns 1...

And to celebrate this joyous occasion, they are having a special launch titled "Jubilee". This launch starts today, January 16th, so hop on over and check it out! Click here to go directly to LimeVine's auctions. Happy Birthday Girls!!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Sydney's Resell Listed On eBay

I just listed a few of Sydney's Spring resells on eBay, with more to come soon. Here are a few pictures of what has been listed:

Oilily Valentine Set From Spring '07 Line:

NZBug "Acanthus" Custom Resell:

Tiny*Toes*Boutique And Sugar*Sweet*Boutique Custom Resell:

Mamapatrice Custom Resell

Click Here to go to these auctions!

PoppySt Spring Launch Is Coming Soon

PoppySt is a small group of dedicated ladies with innovative and precious designs. Join us and special guests; lilys*suitcase, giraffikiki*kidz, maddie*kate, daisybabybarisoff, kidzklozetz and pixie*couture on January 17th when we "Zing into Spring"! Search PoppySt Spring for fun and fabulous Spring Designs. Here are a few Sneak Peeks:

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mamapatrice Is Now Designing Jewelry!

Patrice has decided to venture out in to the jewelry making business, and she and her friend Erin have opened up a new eBay ID, twowillowsdesign. They are mainly going to be focusing on mommy jewelry, so all you grown ups out there that love custom jewelry should definitely be checking them out! They have some really beautiful pieces, and if you know Patrice from her work in children's clothing, you know her quality will be exceptional! And no need to worry, Patrice will still be offering her adorable children's designs under her eBay ID, Mamapatrice. She is currently a member of the design group AnthologyInc.

Click Here
to go to twowillowsdesign auctions

Praise Goes Out To...

Kristen of GocksFrocks! Here is an email I got from Jennifer of Sweet Sunshine Boutique:

"I would love to give mucho credit to Kristen of Gocksfrocks! She custom made gorgeous dresses for my girls for the holidays & always provides amazing creations & the BEST customer service!! I just adore her & her designs & feel she really deserves a shout out from me!! Thanks Kristen!! Here is a pic of Hannah in one of Kristen's sweet velvet Euro hoodie dresses, one of our favorites this year!"

Here is a picture of Jennifer's younger daughter, in a Euro Hoodie by Hapa Girl Boutique.

Thanks so much for writing me and letting the readers know about your experience with Kristen! Adorable outfits!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Picture Share For January

Okay, in November we did a picture share with the Best Halloween Costume, in which the winner won $15 deposited to her PayPal account. This month I would like to see Christmas customs. Send me over a picture of your child in a Christmas theme custom and win $15...simple as that. It could be something with appliqu├ęs that screams Christmas, or it could be a fancy dress. Send all entries to I will share every picture sent on my blog. Then blog readers will get a chance to vote on their favorite privately by emailing me. Entries will be excepted until Friday, January 11th at noon, so get those pictures sent in!

Put Me To Work...Please!

Designers...does your group have an upcoming launch you would like advertised? Have you completed a new set that you would like to share with others? Would you like to give blog readers a sneak peek of something you have in the making? Well, then shot me over an email! I would love to share all these things on my blog! All I would need from you is pictures and links to auctions!

Buyers...Have you just received a custom set that you want to rave about? Have you received exceptional service from a designer and you would like to give them credit? Email me with a picture of your child in that custom, and let me know who the designer is, or you can just tell me your story. I will write about it on my blog!

It has been slow here since the Holidays, and I need something to do :) I am depending on you girls!! I am due to have a baby here in less then a month, so if you don't see your launch, pictures, etc, being posted, then that might be the reason. Thanks in advance!

Who's At The Top...$$$

Here are the leaders for today:

1. PBAndJ*Creations ~ "Boys Valentine" ~ StudioE, XY Boutique, ATeam

2. CoutureBrew ~ "6 Complete Sets" ~ PDots

3. Kandy*Kisses* ~ "Grace" ~ Ivylane

4. VSmith28 ~ "4 Boutique Sets" ~ No Group

5. TheCharmedChild ~ "Tink" ~ StudioE

Favorite Auctions Of The Week

Here are some of my favorites for this week. Enjoy!