Monday, December 29, 2008

Featured Item Of The Day

Todays feature is this adorable Snow White theme set from TaylorTotsDesigns. It is listed in her Etsy store, and would be great for a Disney vacation, or a themed party. Click on the designers name to go straight to this listing. She also has other themed sets available!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Rave Reviews For November

Here are some of the sets that the buyers in our group photographed last month. We are applauding these designers for their great work and awesome customer service. All of these designers are people we would recommend to other buyers.

PhoebesLanding ~ Scarfs

PhoebesLanding ~ Matching Sister Sets





Who's At The Top...$$$

1. 3SweetPs*Boutique ~ "Valentine Custom" ~ LemonLime

2. **Cutie**Pie** ~ "Love Stinks" ~ LemonLime

3. **Cutie**Pie** ~ "Wubbzy" ~ LemonLime

4. Bullfrongs*N*Fireflies ~ "Love Stinks" ~ Sandbox Couture

5. Maddie*Kate ~ "Be Mine" ~ No Group

Favorite Auctions Of The Week

Here are the favorites that were posted by our members in the group










Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ivylane Blog Giveaway...

The girls at Ivylane are giving away a gorgeous necklace made by Erin of The_Vintage_Pearl on their blog. All you have to do is search Ivylane auctions, and leave a comment telling them what your favorite auction is. They will be drawing a winner on Saturday morning. You also get extra entries for blogging about it. Get on over and check it out! Click Here to go to the Ivylane blog.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Design Group Interview With MemoryLane

Who is the leader of the group, and are there any Mods?

The Leader of Memorylane is Kathy of angel*designs, and the co-leader is Lisa of Casedi*Boutique. There are also 2 mods: Tina of sew*unique*girly*boutique and Kelly of piatillys

How long has your group has been around?

Our group was formed Oct. 7th, 2007 and started taking applications that day. We had our Debut Launch in Nov. ‘07. We just celebrated our First Birthday this year.

I know you are switching search terms...why?

To use a shorter search term in our listings title just to make it easier for everyone; both the designers and the buyers. Now all you have to do is simply type in the search bar ~ mlane.

What is your new search term going to be?

MLane Boutique

How are you going to be sure your buyers know of this switch?

Through the group newsletter. We have also announced it in many of the boutique chat groups on ebay.

Where did your group come up with the name MemoryLane?

There are a few of us girls that were in another design group together and we left that group due to too much drama over there. We started a chat group just for us to stay connected, then after deciding to do the group thing again, I came up with the name MemoryLane, just from all the memories we had from being in a group together before.

What are the requirements of getting in over there?

You just need to apply for an application, which can be found on our blog, Your application will then be reviewed by everyone in the group and each member will cast their vote.

How long has your oldest member been with the group? your newest?

Lisa (casedi*boutique) is our oldest member, having been with the group since the very beginning. And our newest member is Kelly (piatillys).

Are you currently accepting applications from new designers to join?

Yes, we are currently accepting applications for possible new members.

How do you come up with your launch ideas?

We start a thread within the group and all our members throw out their thoughts and ideas. Then we put up a poll and vote on the theme and theme name.

How often do you launch, and do you have set launch dates for the year?

We usually launch once a month, the first Tuesday of every month.

How long does it take to pick a launch theme, make the items for the launch including the templates, and then get the listings up?

We usually start deciding on a launch a couple months in advance, templates are usually done within 2 weeks before the launch date.

How would you define the groups style? Do you like to have a range of designers that specialize in different areas, or does everyone have a similar style?

Each of us has our own unique design style ~ which keeps the group in a whole unique, fun and interesting!

Your group name reminds me of vintage or heirloom designers. Is this the case?

No:), I know it does sound vintage, but I just came to the name by memories from another group and all the fun we did have as a group at one time, until too much drama set in.

Once a designer is invited in to the group, are there any requirements for them to continue to be a member?

We ask that they stay active within the group and try to participate in group launches, but as we all know life does happen. And we expect them to respect their fellow designers.

Do you inspect other designer's work before inviting them into the group?

Yes we do. We have them send a few pictures of their latest designs, and we also check out their me pages. And for the clothing designers, we also require close-ups of their seams and topstitching.

How do you handle a group-mate when a designer in the group has upset her customers?

I would hope that the designer can handle that in a proper manner to take care of the matter.

What would you do if you knew one of your fellow group-mates was shilling?

First I would make sure that is the issue, then I would bring it up to them that shill bidding is not permitted within our group. If it didn't stop I would remove that member from our group.

How would you handle a copy cat?

I would certainly hope that with our talented group of designers, we would never have to encounter that problem!

What is in the future for MemoryLane?

We are a small close knit group of designers that are really like a family. We all support each other tremendously, and there is no drama in the group. We want to continue that, but also continue to grow as a group in whole.

***The ladies at MemoryLane are going to be having a contest. The winner will receive a custom twirl set from angel*designs and matching bracelet from *pretty*me*designs*. All you have to do to enter is match the designers name with their design pictured. Below is a list of the designers, and their names are clickable to their "Me" pages for help. The photos are labeled by number, so for number one, you would tell me who you think designed that, and so on. You can either list your guess on this topic, or email them to me directly at The person with the most correct guesses wins! Thanks for playing!***






Designer #1

Designer #2

Designer #3

Designer #4

Designer #5

Designer #6

Designer #7

Designer #8

Designer #9

Designer #10