Sunday, June 3, 2007

Favorite Auctions June 3rd-10th

Here are the designs that have caught my eye this week:

For The Girls:

Ritchie*Rags ~ "Cherry Pie"

*Bella*Marie*Boutique* ~ "Sunshine"

Janea04 ~ M2M Oilily/Room Seven

LyndsayLeila ~ "Mermaid Set"

Ambrosia*Couture ~ "Pretty In Paisley"

SmallSomething ~ "Picnic Twirl Skirt Set"

Little*Moonkey ~ "Fairy Princess Collection"

Mfryedesigns ~ Operation Hero Dress Set

For The Boys:

Sew.Cute.On.You! ~ "Dream Theme"

DaydreamsBoutique ~ "Surf Plaid Patchwork Set"

DaydreamsBoutique ~ 4th of July Set


*Cutie_Patoodie* ~ "4th Of July Fringe"

The_Sweetest_Heartbeat ~ "M2M Oilily Aqua Mermaid"

The_Sweetest_Heartbeat ~ "Mother Goose Bracelet"

The_Vintage_Pearl ~ "Sea Glass Butterfly"

Swede-At-Heart ~ "Infinite Love Name Necklace"


gillian said...

Just found this blog... LOVE it!

sweet*sunshine*boutique said...

SUCH A FAB BLOG!!!! I find myself reading it everyday!!!!