Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Designer Interview ~ Mamapatrice

I haven't done a designer interview all Summer, and thought September would be a good month to start up again. I will be featuring a new designer every month, so check back to see who will be featured next. Thanks so much to Patrice for taking the time to do this interview with me. You are a very inspiring women, and I loved learning more about you!

Where were you born and raised? I was born and raised in Central Massachusetts. I moved to Arizona when I was 19 yrs old, by myself. All I knew was my pen pal, my now husband ;)

Where do you live now? I live in Pennsylvania now

How many children do you have? Names and ages?
I have 4 children ages 9 yrs, 7 yrs, 6 yrs and 4 yrs.

What are your hobbies (besides designing and sewing)? Photography, hanging out with my very large dog, and healthy living (eating well and exercise)

What is your eBay ID? mamapatrice

How did you come up with your ID, is there a story behind it? It was the name I used as my chat name on parenting sites. Patrice was taken so I just logically put mama in front of it. When I started my business, it seemed like a perfect for for my clothing lines.

Are you a member of a design group? How long have you been a member of that group? I am apart of Anthology Inc. I have been a member since it's creation, in August several weeks LOL. I think we might might be the newest group on eBay, but the members are familiar favorites!

How long have you been selling your designs on eBay?
I started selling my designs Spring of 2004.

What got you started?
Custom boutique just started to blossom on ebay and I was admiring all the designs...I had 2 little girls and thought it might be a great way to express my creative side and be inspired by my girls at the same time. I had doubts about learning to sew, but had met Jen, of Eden's Bouquet, on a parenting site and she encouraged me to give it a try.

What is your inspiration for your designs?
It could just be a color, a fabric, one of my children, in what I think they would love to have. It could be an object an image. Many times I just sit down with my sketch pad and play.

Is there any other designers you admire?
There are so many talent designers, some I have chatted with, some I have worked with. I've been so fortunate to get to know so many other talented designers. The ones I admire the most are the ones I design with in Anthology Inc.

What is your favorite design you have created?
That is a tricky one. I think my Degas Inspiration is my favorite. I love silk and the color combination I think was a bit of a surprise. It was pink, with a melon and a deep burnt red orange with black lace. With the hand stitched pearls, lace and silk, I love how the different textures come together.

What is your favorite fabric designer?
I think Robyn Pandolf for her Asian meets shabby style. I also love Japanese import fabric. Moda has alot of designer I love. I could go on, I have a serious fabric addiction LOL.

What is your favorite custom auction on eBay right now?
I have to admit I don't get much time to surf. I do love Kellie, of spoiled*sweet, Cozy Christmas Set.

If you could max out your credit card at one store, what store would that be?
I am a simple girl, I love JCrew.

What can we expect from you in the future?
More sets working with mydeepbluec, it is always fun to work with her and get inspired by her work and take mine in new directions. I will be working on adding new styles to my collections.

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Steffi said...

Really interesting interview! I enjoyed to read it!your pictures are soooo cute!Especially I like the outfit on the first picture.Very beautiful!

Steffi ;O)

Joelle said...

Thanks for sharing! I love reading these interviews & learning more about each designers. Im NEw to your BLOg yesterday!!!
LOVE IT! LOVE IT! WEALTH of information!
oh... Im originally from Pennsylvania & have 5 girls.
pA. Is a very wonderful state & great place to raise a family!!!
I wish MamaPatrice all the Best!
Joelle xo