Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Quilt Market, Portland

So the weekend before last was the big International Quilt Market here in Portland. Of course, I had all these plans to meet up with people, and of course, I got sick. So my plans were changed a bit, but I still got to attend the show and meet a few people I otherwise would have never been able to meet. I am usually a picture taking freak, but considering that all I wanted to do was sit down and drink water, I barely got any pictures taken at all. Now that the show is over and everyone has gone home, I am bummed at the fact that I could have met so many more people, and I could have so many more photo memories, but what can ya do?

So Thursday I picked up the lovely Amelia from Sweet_Feet_Boutique at the airport, and we did a little shopping (my favorite activity), and I dropped her off at her hotel.

Thursday night my son got terribly sick, so I had to take him in to Urgent Care, breaking plans to meet Emily of Sugar*Sweet*Boutique, and her daughter Taya, for dinner. When I got home Thursday night from the doctors is when it hit me.

Friday I pushed myself to get up, and I took Emily, Taya, and Amie of Princess*Picasso to the Zoo, along with my daughter Sydney. I was so sick at the Zoo that we had to cut it short and leave early.

Saturday I went to Quilt Market with Emily and Amie, and I met Tanya of Bug*N*Belle there to help her pick out fabric. It was so much fun, and I loved all the fabric that Tanya had already picked out. What an experience! While I was there I got to meet Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Heather Ross, and Sandi Henderson! I was star struck! I also got to meet Patty of ModKidBoutique, Chelsea of Vintage.Chic.Boutique, Myrinda of Sweet_Girl_Boutique and Fabric Hound, and Traci of *BloomDesign*.

Sunday evening I went to dinner with Amie, Emily, Taya, and my daughter Sydney.

Monday I took Emily and Taya to Multnomah Falls for some sight seeing and awesome photo opps. And that is where we said our goodbyes. They left on Tuesday morning.

Here are the few decent pictures I got:

Amie of Princess*Picasso and Emily of Sugar*Sweet*Boutique

Emily and Me

Chelsea of Vintage.Chic.Boutique and Me

My Daughter Sydney, and Emily's Daughter Taya


Angela said...

I am sorry you were so sick. That would have been so fun to meet up with everyone like that. They would have kicked me out.....I would have been drooling over all the fabrics!! :o) Glad you are feeling better!

Clara said...

Sick...yet so darn cute you are Michelle! Lovely pictures! Sounds like you were a wonderful hostess!

gumdrop*shop said...

It sounds like you had an incredible time - Star struck- that would be me- we all chat and guest together- but in real life-How FUN!!!! The girls look adorable!

modkidboutique said...

I'm so glad I got to meet you, Michelle. You are lovely! So sad that you were sick and not able to do more of the stuff we chatted about. I hope we have the opportunity to meet up again someday. I adore Portland and plan to come back and show my hubby someday!

couture*4*my*cutie said...

Thanks girls! Patty, it was so fun to meet you, I just wish I was acting more like my cheery self. I was such a stick in the mud, LOL! I really am more talkative! If you ever come back you will have to let me know so we can get together :)


Tayasmama said...

It was soooooo awesome meeting you Michelle!!! Sick or not you are a doll :) And Sydney is so flipping adorable it's not even funny! Poor Taya keeps asking to visit her, i knew that would happen