Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer Reading Groupies

Rebekah from Sunnybrook Farm Designs has started a Summer reading group for us big kids. Sounds fun, and I have a ton of new books that need reading, so I thought I would give it a try. Basically, you commit yourself to a goal of how many books you would like to read during this Summer. I am committing to one, because it is llooonngg, but you can commit to any number that is right for you. Then you blog about what you are reading, to give others an insight to your book. Maybe your book is not something I would typically read, but after reading your posts, maybe it sounds like something I would enjoy too. I would encourage all you readers to try this challenge. We all read to our children, but how often do you take time out to read something for yourself? And if you think you might be too busy (which is the first thought that came to my mind) then just brainstorm the times when you might be able to read a chapter or two. For me, I think I can squeeze in a half hour before I go to bed, or maybe when I am taking a bath, or when the kids are napping. So if you are willing to come along with me and take this challenge, then go sign up on Rebekah's blog. Should be fun, and I can't wait to read about your book on your blog!

My book is going to be "Helen Of Troy" by Margaret George

"A lush, seductive novel of the legendary beauty whose face "launched a thousand ships"

Daughter of a god, wife of a king, prize of antiquity's bloodiest war, Helen of Troy has inspired artists for millennia. Now Margaret George, the highly acclaimed bestselling historical novelist, has turned her intelligent, perceptive eye to the myth that is Helen of Troy.

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