Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Best Of '08

Our group decided it would be fun to do a post highlighting some of our favorite and most memorable designs from 2008. Here is a look back at the items that made our list. We are going to be doing a contest with this...so please VOTE on your favorite from each category. We have Boys Designs, Girls Designs, and Accessories. Both the Boys and Girls categories will win $50 deposited in to their PayPal account, and the winner in the Accessories category will win a $20 Starbucks GC. But wait...that's not all...one lucky VOTER will win an appliqued tee from Natalee of SmallSomething. You can place your vote here, or email me at couture4mycutie@gmail.com. We will draw the winner next Tuesday...February 3rd...so get your votes in now! Thanks for taking the time to support these awesome custom boutique designers!!

Girls Designs







































Boys Designs

















Anonymous said...

Everything mentioned is AMAZING!!!!:0)

Gumdrop*Shop said...

I Love everything Great job girls!!!! This will be a very hard contest :)

Mommyof2girlz said...

I'm posting my Vote for:
Girls - Small Something, Boys - Buckeye-Mom26, Accessories - Lily*Anna*Kids. I really love them all and it was hard to pick just one from each.

Anonymous said...

So hard to pick, but love everything by Maddie*Kate!!

Allie said...

So many cute things--I want to vote for:

Girls - Small Something

I just wish I had the little girl to put in the outfit!

Mary said...

Just like WOW, so many amazing things!!!!! Here are my votes:

Girls: Bellabebeco
Boys: WildByDesign
Accessory: Lily*Anna*Kids

Treasuresofjoy said...

I really like many of these designers!




Gabriela Marrosu said...

I vote for Lily*Anna*Kids!

Contemporary Captures said...

Everything is fantastic!

Girls: Pickles*and*Co
Boys: WildByDesign
Accessory: Lily*Anna*Kids

Jen Lovmo Photography said...

Girls: Polkadots and Pigtails
Boys: WBD
Acc: Lily*Anna*Kids

Tracy of Creme De La Gems said...

This is SO HARD!!! Am I even allowed to vote? LOL!!

Every one of these designs are AMAZING! But if I am able to vote, my votes go to:

GIRLS- Dandelionavenue
(love that soft blue dress)
BOYS- Wild By Design
ACCESSORIES- The_Vintage_Pearl

Traci said...

Hard vote this time.. Heres my vote..
Girls: Polkadots and Pigtails
Boys: WBD
Acc: Lily*Anna*Kids

Anonymous said...

This is hard to choose!

Girls: Mylilpixies candyland set.
Boys: Serendipity sweethearts Disney o'alls.
Accessory: Cremedelagems necklace

Anonymous said...

I'm posting my votes for:
Girls- Smallsomething
Boys- Maddie*Kate
Accessories-The_Vintage_Pearl Everything is unique and gorgeous! ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````

Kelly said...

They are ALL so AMAZING!!! I even own a few of them :o)
Girls: Maddie*Kate
Boys: Serendipity Sweethearts
Accesories: Creme*de*la*Gems

All of these ladies are so incredible talented!! I admire them all so much!

Hana said...

Everything is gorgeous! It was tough to choose but my vote is
Small Something
Tazetta Kids

Kassie said...

Girls: Small Something (absolutely stunning as usual)
Boys: Wild By Design (incredibly cute)
Accessories: The_Vintage_Pearl (fantastic designs)

Two Little Lambs said...

I vote for The Vintage Pearl. Love her designs.

Ashley said...

My vote is for The Vintage Pearl

cutiepiescustomcreations said...

What a talented group! I would like to vote for the following:

The Vintage Pearl

Kimmy Davis said...

Anji.Beane is my favorite girls' entry. The dresses and outfits were all adorable, but this seemingly simple jacket was the best.

WildByDesign's doggie outfit was my favorite among the boys' entries.

The_Vintage_Pearl is my favorite in the accessories categoty--I want one of those necklaces so bad!!

Saaleteufel said...

I´m posting my vote:

Girls: Janea04
Boys: Buckeye-Mom26
Accessories: Creme*De*La*Gems

Please do not hesitate my vote, all of you made a great job, and it´s always nice to see what you are making. Thanks to you, that we can take a look on your blogs, to be a part of. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

My vote is for Vintage Pearl :)

Anonymous said...

The Vintage Pearl has such amazing and creative things. I definitely put my vote in for her!

LeAnna said...

I LOVE the outfit in the SpendyStyle photo and for accessories, the Vintage Pearl gets my vote!

Briana Ward said...

Cute Cute Cute!!!! I am voting for the Boys Mickey Mouse Clubhouse overalls.

Briana Ward said...

Cute Cute Cute!!!! I am voting for the Boys Mickey Mouse Clubhouse overalls.

Anonymous said...

my vote is for The Vintage Pearl.

Jaime said...

So many fabulous items! Here is my vote:

Girls: Anji.Beane

Boys: WildByDesign

Accessory: The Vintage Pearl

Fun stuff!

Tina said...

I love Bellabebeco and The Vintage Pearl.

Kristine said...

I vote for MaddieKate, BuckeyeMom26 and Vintage Pearl.

Heather said...

Wow - everything is gorgeous, and all of the creators are so talented!

My votes are for...

Girls: Maddie*Kate
Boys: Maddie*Kate (again!)
Accessories: Tazetta*Kids

Jessica Stier said...

So many cute things!!! My vote is for Vintage Pearl.

Anonymous said...

Girls - Maddie*Kate
Boys: WildbyDesign
Accessories: Creme de la Gems

Lee Anne said...

Girls: Anji.Beane

Boys: Serendipity * Sweethearts

Accessories: The Vintage Pearl....I am the proud owner of one of her creations and LOVE it. Ladies visit her site and treat yourself.

Bitsy said...

The Vintage Pearl!!!!!

Andrea said...

Wow! Everything is so great, it was hard to choose only one from each catergory, but my votes are as follows:

Girls: Dandelion Avenue (I LOVE the dress pictured here!)

Boys: Buckeye-Mom26

Accessories: The Vintage Pearl (I'll be ordering a necklace soon! I love her stuff!)

Anonymous said...

Very hard to pick. Some really good designers.

Girls: Gigglez-N-Grinz
Boys: Wild by Design
Accessories: Lily*Ann*Kids

Betty said...

I vote for The Vintage Pearl!

Laura said...

Girls' clothing: Dandelion Avenue
Boys' clothing: Serendipity Sweethearts
Accessories: The Vintage Pearl

Lots of great stuff!!

gina said...

wow- what amazing stuff! Everyone is so talented.
As i really didn't feel qualified to pick a boy' s designer I am just voting for : girls...

accessories: The Vintage Pearl.

Leah said...

There is some amazingly talented ladies out there!

BELLABEBECO for clothing
Lily*Anna*Kids for accessories!

It really was hard to pick one, I have several favorites!

kworple@yahoo.com said...

Amazing! My vote goes to

Like I said, amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wow...great stuff ladies'
Girls: DandelionAvenue
Boys: Bayoubabe5
Acces: Lilyannakids

Anonymous said...

Posting my vote for Lily*Anna*Kids

little pumpkin grace said...

So many cute designs!!! My votes:
Girls: SmallSomething
Boys: Maddie*Kate
Accessories: The Vintage Pearl

Kori said...

They are all awesome designers-

girls- PolkadotsAndPigtails
boys- Bayoubabe5
Accessories- Lily*Anna*Kids

Ella Sophie Photography said...

Such Amazing designs they all are. I vote for:

Girls - Bowznstuff_Boutique,
Boys - WildByDesign,
Accessories - Lily*Anna*Kids

ashlee said...

BOYS- Wild By Design
ACCESSORIES- The_Vintage_Pearl

ShazzB Art said...

Love them all but my fave for the girls is Bowznstuff. Just fabby. Shaz

Anonymous said...

girls: pickles*and*co "Rainbow Brite"

boys: Buckeye-Mom26 "Bear Lake"

accessories: pixie-dust-studio "princess tote"

Cathy Hengst Photography said...

Boys wildbydesign
girls smallsomething

Cathy Hengst Photography said...

oops accessories

Magical*Moments said...

Girls -- Small Something
Boys -- Serendipity Sweethearts
Acessories -- Creme de la Gems

But oh, so hard to choose!

Dana said...

These are all AMAZING! Let me know anytime you need a decor designer! ;0)

girls- BowzNstuff
boys- Wildbydesign
acc- Lily*Anna*Kids

BethScharwath said...

Girls: Bowznstuff
Boys: Wild by Design
Acess: Lily*Anna*Kids

*RaWkIn*MaMa* said...

I really like many of these designers! They TOTALLY ROCK! it was hard but my votes are as follows:

For the Girls...
For the Boys...
As for THEE Accessories...

thekingsmommy07 said...

Boys : I vote for buyyoubabe5 angels stuff is just amazing and we just loved this set it was a big hit on the Disney cruis .

Lisa said...

I LOVE ALL of these designers...
SO hard to choose!

Girls Designs: Bellabebeco
Boys Designs: WildByDesign

Accessories: Creme*De*La*Gems

Tanya said...

Seriously this is not an easy choice, wow, wow, wow!

Girls: small something
accessories: vintage pearl
boys: buck eye mom

The Petersons said...

Lots of cute stuff here. But, my favorites have to be the ones from Bowznstuff. She's amazing!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Caroline's Closet.

Marcela said...

I love Caorline's Closet.

Ryan said...

Caroline's Closet's outfits are beautiful.

Ana said...

I have and love her little red bird outfit!

Alexander said...

The dollhouse dress was amazing!
Caroline's Closet.

David said...

Caroline's Closet is my favorite!

Anonymous said...

Everything is GORGEOUS!

I vote for BowzNStuff_Boutique

Girly Do's said...

HOLY CRUD---- cuteness! Everything is so darling, but my vote would have to be for bowznstuff. Cree is super fab! But everyone was very talented--- cute stuff!!!

Monica (Australia) said...

Hands down winner for Girls: BOWZNSTUFF!! Love every single thing you do Cree!! BOWZNSTUFF BOWZNSTUFF BOWZNSTUFF BOWZNSTUFF!!!! xoxoxo

Donna said...

Girls - polkadots and pigtails We LOVE Debbie's work!

Accessories - the_vintage_pearl!

Boys Wild by design

Everyone really does amazing work!

Shannon said...

Here's my vote:

Girls: Anji.Beane
Boys: Maddie*Kate
Accessory: Tazetta*Kids

Anonymous said...

Girls : Dandelionavenue!!!! WOW!
Boys: WildByDesign
Accessories: Creme*de*la*gems! AWESOME!

Chloe said...

Accessories: The Vintage pearl


molly said...

Maddie*Kate gets my vote for boys and girls!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it all but........ Maddie*Kate is my pick for girls and boys!!

Jenner said...

My vote is for Maddie*Kate!!! So cute for boys and girls!

Amy said...

My vote is for Maddie Kate!! Love it for boys and girls!

Cathy said...

My vote is for Maddie Kate for boys and girls.

Wanda said...

I just love Maddie Kate for boys and girls!

juliasmommy said...

girls- bowznstuff
boys- Serendipity*Sweethearts
Accessories- Lily*Anna*Kids

Melanie said...

Girls - Bowznstuff
Boys - Wild by Design
Accessories - Lily Anna Kids

Kim said...

Maddie Kate gets my vote for both boys and girls. Too cute!

Amber said...

Sooo cute!!!!
I vote for:
-Polkadots and pigtails
-Pixie Dust

Niesha C. said...

Best Accessory The Vintage Pearl.

Lyssan said...

Boys: Serendipity*Sweethearts
Girls: Bowznstuff Boutique
Accessories: The Vintage Pearl

Kirstin Olsen said...

girls: Maddie Kate
boys: Maddie Kate

So unique and well made! Hats off to designers:)

Cobwebs said...

Maddie Kate for Boys and Girls!

Big Bird said...

All so cute so hard to choose...but I love Maddie* Kate for everything!

Just1Rib said...

Maddie Kate for sure for boys and girls...The models they use are adorabell!

RhondaDean said...

MADDIE* KATE! Love their stuff they make my kids look bright and full of light!

BRathel said...

Maddie*Kate is simply Devine! Great colors and prints.

Laura said...

Great designs.

I vote The Vintage Pearl.

sue said...

girls: Caroline'scloset for SURE!
boys: MK does a fab job, so WBD gets my vote
Accessories: buckeyemom26

LeShayne said...

I vote for maddie*kate for boys and girls.

Deanna McCool said...

I want to vote for maddie*kate for girls and boys!


Anonymous said...

I would like to place my vote for The Vintage Pearl

Katie said...

Everything is so cute but Maddie*Kate takes the cake for boys and girls!

Anonymous said...

Best Accessory The Vintage Pearl.

Anonymous said...

I love Key west kid a boys oufit so cute thats my vote.

Anonymous said...

I vote for KW Kids!!!

The Mom said...

I vote for BowznStuff ... her stuff is out of this world!

Christine said...

My votes are for these super cute designs:
Girl Designs: Maddie*Kate
Boy Designs: Maddie Kate
Accessories: Vintage Pearl

Freya Olsen said...

My vote is for Maddie Kate, Boys and Girls!! :) Fabulous stuff!!

AWing said...

Maddie Kate 4 life! Both Girls and Boys...

PakitaLeone said...

My vote would be for Maddie*Kate for boys and girls.

Thelma Nolan said...

Such darling stuff...Maddie*Kate is just so cute! I vote for them for missies and misters.

PMahoney said...


Anonymous said...

My vote is for Caroline's Closet!  Such beautiful work and such creative designs!

Ramona Williams said...

My vote is for Maddie*Kate all the
way!! The designs are wonderful and
the models are just adorable. All
the best the them!!!

Julie said...

Maddie*Kate for Boys and Girls. Tazetta*Kids for accessories. Everyone is so talented.

Ramona Williams said...

Maddie*Kate is awesome! I love the
look of the designs and the models
are beautiful. All the best to all
are in involved!1

Anonymous said...

the vintage pearl gets my vote for best.

Dorothy said...

Everything is amazing!!!

My votes are:

Girls: Maddie*kate
Boys: Maddie*kate
Accessories: The_vintage_pearl

Kristin Bomhard said...

So, so adorable! My best pic is Maddie*Kate!!!!!!! Love the stuff.

Anonymous said...

I vote for KEY*WEST*KIDS for the BOY's category

Kate said...

Accessories: I vote for Vintage Pearl!!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

ooh my gosh--so many talented designers--how to choose???

I vote for MADDIE*KATE for the girl's and WildbyDesign for the boys.


sevb said...

Tough, tough choice!!!! They're all absolutely gorgeous. But my vote goes to Bowznstuff. Everyone, please keep up the beautiful work!

ann said...

My vote goes to Key*West*Kids, the outfit is terrific!

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