Friday, January 4, 2008

Put Me To Work...Please!

Designers...does your group have an upcoming launch you would like advertised? Have you completed a new set that you would like to share with others? Would you like to give blog readers a sneak peek of something you have in the making? Well, then shot me over an email! I would love to share all these things on my blog! All I would need from you is pictures and links to auctions!

Buyers...Have you just received a custom set that you want to rave about? Have you received exceptional service from a designer and you would like to give them credit? Email me with a picture of your child in that custom, and let me know who the designer is, or you can just tell me your story. I will write about it on my blog!

It has been slow here since the Holidays, and I need something to do :) I am depending on you girls!! I am due to have a baby here in less then a month, so if you don't see your launch, pictures, etc, being posted, then that might be the reason. Thanks in advance!

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modkidboutique said...

Hey girly! Ask and you shall receive! LOL! I just sent you some info about LimeVine's new launch which starts tomorrow, Jan. 16th... it's celebrating our 1-year Anniversary, so it will be a special one! :)