Sunday, April 15, 2007

So I Am Working On This Blog...

And trying to figure out what it should be about. Well, I love boutique and custom clothing on eBay, so why not create a blog for the buyers? I have seen so many designers blogs, and they are very adorable, but I wanted a place where both designers and buyers can come in and chat together. I wanted a place that buyers can go to get info on designers and see who is making the grade. On this blog I am going to have links to my favorite designers, favorite current auctions on eBay, interviews with designers and buyers, and whatever else I can think of!! If you have any ideas please let me know. FYI, this is not going to be a place where trash talking designers or buyers is going to be allowed. I want to focus on the POSITIVE transactions on and off eBay, not the negative ones! If you have an honest complaint about a designer or buyer, please clear it with me before you post. Thanks, and any input would be appreciated.

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