Monday, April 30, 2007

New Designer Gets Noticed

Okay, she may not be totally new, but I just noticed her when I was browsing around, and she caught my eye. Every once in awhile I am lucky enough to stumble upon these fairly new designers that I have never seen before. This time I have found Patricia, the designer behind Lilys*Suitcase. She has been designing on eBay for over a year now...where have I been??? I love how she uses quality fabrics, and she answers questions quickly with a friendly attitude. The set below was listed on the Favorite Auctions thread in the BDB, and I totally love it!
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These other two sets are ending soon, so snag them while you have the chance! So, so cute, and at a great price!
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If you want to check out her current auctions, Click Here.I love trying out new designers, and I feel with this designers feedback, the fabric she uses, and her timely responses, there isn't alot of risk involved!

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Michelle said...

Good find! She has some beautiful things :0)