Friday, October 3, 2008

Buyers Questions...Answered

Here are the questions the buyers of our group discussed this week. If you have a question for a team of experienced buyers, please use the link on the right and send it over!

When would you prefer an auction to end and start?

Most of the buyers in our group browse everyday, so it doesn't really matter when an auction starts or ends. It was pointed out, though, that an auction might get more bids and higher bids if it ends closer to a the 1st or the 15th. Also, some of us are busy on the weekends with family, so we prefer auctions to start and end on the weekdays.

Do you prefer But It Now or auction style?

Most of us prefer BIN's IF they are reasonably priced. I high priced BIN with a reserve is an instant turn off because we feel that even if we do bid, we won't make reserve, so why even try. There is a lot to be said about auction style because some buyers do like the thrill of bidding and winning, but most the buyers in our small group just seem to prefer the BIN's, and shopping on Etsy. I personally think it is because we have been around so long and outgrown that thrill of bidding, and waiting for the auction to wind down to the last second.

How do you feel about a listing that is a collaboration between designers in a group ? For example one designer creates a top, another a hat, another a skirt, etc ? And would you be turned away from it if it was OOAK ?

We are all okay with these types of auctions, if we can get at least one whole set in a single auction. For example, someone lists appliqued jeans and a jumper dress, and another designer lists an appliqued shirt, and another a twirl skirt. Well, we are less likely to bid on the coordinating pieces individually, unless we know for sure we can get a whole matching set. What we would rather see is ALL the pieces listed in one auction. And if the OOAK set fits our child, then we have no problem bidding on these types of auctions. Basically, we just don't want to be stuck with a skirt and no top, or a top with no pants, etc.

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