Tuesday, October 28, 2008

eBay Welcomes A New Design Group

It is so hard to follow design groups on eBay these days, with new groups coming and going all the time, but you will want to remember this group and mark it as a favorite! The name of the group is Sugar3, and within this group you will find lots of talented designers whom I am sure you will recognize. They will be having their first group launch on Tuesday, November 11th. Be sure to check it out! I just want to say CONGRATS to these fabulous designers on this new group venture, and best of luck! Below are some of their members previous designs, or designs that might be listed for this launch:


Laurie said...

WOW, thank you so much for featuring Sugar3! What an honor to know that you feel we are a group to be marked "favorite"! We all couldn't be more happy with our new endevour.... Our TEAM will continue to bring the Ebay community our fun and unique mini launches along with our normal monthly launches! Thank you all so much for your continued support!

Inside the Cube...

giraffikiki*kidz said...

Thanks so much for the feature! We are all so excited about this new endeavour!

Shelley :)

justcindy68 said...

Wow ladies congratulations. I can't wait for the launch. Best wishes on the new group, Cindy

Anonymous said...

Congrats ladies-best wishes!
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Bowznstuff said...

yiipppeeee - I am so excited to be hanging out with such an exciting group - I can't wait to show you all whats going on inside the cube :)

Sweet Pea Totes said...

Thank you for featuring our group!!
We are all so excited and can't wait to show our new designs with our first launch!!