Monday, October 6, 2008

Designers Questions...Answered

Here are the questions the designers in our group discussed this week. If you have a question for a team of experienced designers then use the link on the right and send it in. Thanks!

I have noticed that the higher bid auctions are all members of well-known groups, but that there are many members of those groups and seem to be many groups within those does that all work?

The designers think that it seems as if the higher dollar amounts go to the designers in well-known groups, but this isn't always the case. Many of the higher range designers aren't in a group at all. BUT, they have been designing for awhile and have built up an established group of clientel. The part about the different groups inside of the group could be the designer is in one main group on eBay...For example, Ivylane, and then is a member of an applique group, like ATeam, or a launch group, like Caramelo. So they do list for both groups but the main group they list with most would be Ivylane.

Also, are those groups by invitation only, or do you apply.

You would be best to email a member of the group and ask them how to go about getting in, and if they are excepting applications.

What types of rules do they have, do you have to pay to be a member, is there a production per week/month requirement?

Every group is different. Some have strict rules about posting/production, and some don't. As far as we know, there isn't a group that makes you pay to be a member.

I think it's important for the person asking the question whether or not you all were in groups at first or how did you all go about getting your name out? Because, I think even if you list, list and list but aren't searched it doesn't matter really right?

There are some high paid designers within our small eBay group that are groupless, and this question was directed to them. They have been in groups at one point in their designing career. Here is what some of the designers said:

"I am not sure if groups helped me or not? I actually felt like they weighed me down. I had a hard time fitting my outfits into the groups themed launches. I like to just make whatever pops in my head and I get so excited that I want to take pics IMMED and list right away. I hated waiting for launches to start and having ready outfits just sitting here."

"Also new designers THINK that the only way to get big bids is to BE in a group. So they waste to much time trying to GET IN to a group. Time that they could be using to work on their signature style and etc. Then they finally get in a group and then they feel like losers because only SOME designers get the high bids. This is how most drama seems to start out of resentment and jealousy."

"Being part of a "big name" group will not alone give you big sales. If you look at any group there are members with sales at all different levels."

"If a were to give someone advice, I would tell them to not focus on joining a group, but to focus on their own style and making a name for themselves and the rest will come. It takes time to build a reputation on ebay. If you love it, stick with it, value your work and go for it."


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