Monday, November 12, 2007

Halloween Costume Contest

Thanks to all the mommies that sent me in a photo of their adorable children dressed up for Halloween! I got a total of 7 entries, and as I stated before, I will narrow that down to the 3 that will be voted on. Just so that everyone's entry can be seen, here are the 7 that were submitted:

Lacey As Little Bo Peep ~ Made By Christy Of LuLu Belle

Jac As A Spider Enchantress, Jes As An Elf, And Justin As Lucario From Pokemon

Lauren As A Midevil Princess

Natali As A Butterfly ~ Made By Tiffany Of Britches*N*Stitches

No Named Pirate

Lilli As A Princess Witch ~ Made By Natalie Of SmallSomething

Lilli As A Disco Flapper ~ Made By Laurie Of Kandy*Kisses

***If you forgot to include your child's name, or the designer, then email me and let me know. I can edit the post.***

Thanks again for all the entries!!!! I love it when people take time to participate! I would like to do this again for Christmas Outfits!

Here are the names of the 3 entries I would like to be voted on for the $15 deposit to PayPal:

1. Midevil Princess Lauren

2. Natali The Butterfly

3. Princess Witch Lilli

Let the voting begin! Email me at with your selection. And Please, Please, Please take the time to vote! Votes will be counted until Friday November 16th at Noon.


LeShayne said...

What a neat idea and what adorable kids!!!

CB said...

Thanks for showing Miss Kay in Princess Tiger Lily Boutique Pirate Costume. We are the no name one :)