Tuesday, July 22, 2008

7 & CO., An Interview....

Good Morning! Last week, I interviewed my new friend Laura from 7 & Co. They are the 1st group this season with a "Holiday Launch". Read on for more info!

First Laura, tell us a little bit about yourself.
I grew up in New Jersey, I now live in PA and am happily married with 3 wonderful boys, ages 11, 5 and 18m. I am truly blessed!

Have you always been a designer?
As a child I always loved using my imagination, whether it was looking up at the clouds figuring out what each one was or drawing and coming up with different crafts to do. I also held "art classes" for the children in my neighborhood which usually involved getting really messy with paint or something equally messy & fun.
(Looking back now, being a mom myself, I am sure the other moms weren't too happy with my art classes!)
As a child, I also had a close friend whose grandmother lived with her. She would let us go down and play with all of her wonderful sewing goodies. She had tons of buttons, sewing notions,& all her fabric oh my...
She had these wooden shelves in her work area loaded with brightly colored fabrics...& there was so much! Back then my friend & I just couldn't seem to understand why her grandma would have so much fabric! (Happily I can now say I understand why she had so much... & I think that I now put poor grandma's fabric pile to shame.. Yes i Admit it.. I am a fabricaholic!!)

Did you study design and where do you get your ideas from?
I did take some design classes in highschool and college. I get my ideas from everywhere really. I love to look at euro magazines, and fashion trend sites to see what the new colors for the following seasons will be. I also love to look at fashion shows & try to incorporate elements into my own children's clothing line--park*ave*kidz.
(I do have to admit, usually the best advice I can get is from sitting down brainstorming ideas with my sons at the kitchen table. Just listening to their innocence and creativity is so inspiring. I also get to witness some very innovative sketchwork and project conceptions ;) Usually their designs are for something like a clever monster pillow or something else equally fun..lol)

How did 7&Company get started? How long has it been around?
7&company got its started in 2005 by Liz, she was the leader of the group, her ebay id: rococo*kidz.
Since then it has been passed through a few leaders and weathered the storms of the ebay world.
And I am very proud to say is still going strong. We can gladly attribute this sucessful 3 years to our wonderful repeat customers who have stood by us throughout the seasons.

Were you in another group before this?

I have been designing on ebay since 2003 and have been in other design groups through the years on ebay & have met wonderful friends that I still keep in touch with.

How do you decide on what the launches will be and how many do you do a year?
We brainstorm within the group on ideas for the coming months, whether it will be new fabric lines coming out, a holiday, or theme ect. We try to narrow things down and see what fits right for the season.

Who is your customer and are they from a certain part of the country? I have sold my designs all over the world. The farthest that I have shipped an order was to Hong Kong. Thank goodness fashion sense is international!

Do you all design in the same "style"
No! One of the best things about being in a strongly talented group of designers like 7&company is that the girls are really so great about thinking out of the box and coming up with unique designs that keep the boutique clothing scene fresh and fun!

Does your group also sell on Etsy?
Some of the girls in our group do sell on etsy. We are looking to expand to reach a larger boutique loving client base, so there are several venues that are on many of the 7&company designers' minds

Can you tell us about your Christmas launch?
Our Christmas In July Launch features the work of not only our own great designers but also more than 90 of ebay's best and most creative clothing, jewelry,& accessory designers! The launch begins on July 25th, so be sure to mark your calendars. This launch is sure to be huge!

You have a lot of designers for this launch it sounds very exciting can we have a sneak peek?
Well, in the spirit of the Christmas season I have to say "no peeking" but if you promise not to tell... I will say that I have seen some awesome goodies that I am going to be sure not to miss for my own kiddos!

I want to thank you so much for the time you have given me to talk to you all, I have truly enjoyed it.
All of the girls of 7&company, as well as our 90+ guests look forward to having you all stop by 7&co during the week of July 25th! This launch is sure to have more than a few goodies for all the good little boys and girls!
And new christmas stocking stuffers and clothing will be posted daily so don't miss out on the fun!


couture*4*my*cutie said...

What a great first "Design Group Interview", from an established group of women. I loved learning more about 7&Co, and am excited to see what they have in store for their Christmas launch!!


Anonymous said...

wow. Laura your work is very cute i will defintly look to see what you have for your christmas launch or maybe i will be tempted sooner to purchase something from your current listing. super cute work. Amy

little_bitty_boutique said...

Great interview Laura!! I can't wait for the launch!

Abigail Bukai said...
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