Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Unveiling Another Writer For The Blog

I am so excited to do this interview and unveil a new BUYER that is writing for this blog! She has definitely made her mark in the eBay boutique community as both a buyer and reseller, and I am sure you will all recognize her name. Plus, this is my first buyer interview! Yeah! So without further ado, let me introduce you (as if she needs an introduction) to Jennifer of Sweet*Sunshine*Boutique...the third member of our blog team! Thanks so much Jennifer for your help, and for taking the time to do this interview.

So Jennifer, how long have you been buying custom boutique on eBay? I have been a buyer on eBay for about 7 years now. I can't believe how long it has been since I first signed on!!

What got you started? I started with Gymboree & other boutique brands about a year after my first Daughter Chloe was born! I was hooked!! About two years later, I realized I could resell her gently worn & sometimes new boutique clothing & make money for more! I have enjoyed every minute on eBay!!

Who do you buy for? I love to buy for my three girls! Chloe, age 8. Hannah age 6 & Shelby age 4! It is so much fun to have three girls to dress us! They could care less what they wear, but they always indulge Mommy & her camera when they put on the customs I get them! Chloe & Hannah are my girly girls & they love to twirl & pose in their fun sets!

Tell us a little about you work outside the home, what are your hobbies or interests, where do you live, etc. I am a stay at home Mommy & have enjoyed every hair raising, chaotic, funny, memorable moment of it!! I am sure all of you fellow Mom's out there know what I am talking about!! It is such a rewarding job, but not without it's stressful times! We live just outside of Athens, GA...Go Dawgs!!! (Yes, I know that is not how you spell "dogs, short for bulldogs", but that is how we spell it here in the "Bulldawg nation", LOL!! We have so many wonderful friends & neighbors, even a few designers I have met via eBay live close!!

What types of items are you looking for right now? Right now & for the past year really, I am crazy about Euro knits, with the fun spiral hoods & leggings to match! I love whimsical appliqué on denim & tees so much too!!!

Do you have any favorite types of fabric, or fabric designers? As I mentioned above, I love all of the fabulous knits out right now, especially Merimekko, they are so mod & fun! I love the Olivia pattern for the hoodie dresses & a Vida pattern dress looks so fab over the hoodie with leggings! YUM! I am a huge Heather Ross fan, LOVE Gingerblossom & Moda & as always, we love Michael Millers dots for trim on any set!! My fav this Spring was Robert Kauffman's "On A Whim", sweet Euro looking birds, loved it!

Do you have any favorite designers? As for my fav designers...Where in the world do I begin??!! I love them all! All of the fabulous ladies with Ivylane, Ann with Caterpillar*Creations, JAM, little*moonkey, they all rock! I am also lovin the new Aart applique fab! Here are just a few from WisteriaLane, Giraffikiki*Kidz, Maddie*Kate, Pickles*and*co, *blowin*bubbles*boutique*...a few from Lil Peas...Karen of Ducksouporiginals, Jennaclaireboutique, Debbie of polkadotsandpigtails, Brooke of Miss Priss Boutique...Love Kristen of Gocksfrocks & Dayna of my*unbirthday, both of Clovergirls! The wonderful ladies at PoppySt. Cassie with thecharmedchild, Amy with Hannahs*Hangers, April of painted_with_grace, StudioE. Shelly of phoebes*landing of ODOD, Cynthia of twolittle*angels with MeliMelo...the list goes on & on & on!!! They are all so wonderful, I hate to try & list them all & forget someone! I have enjoyed working with every single designer who has sewn for my girls, each & every set is so very special!!! I am so very lucky to have met all of these wonderful designers who I now have "cyber" friendships with!!!

What makes them stick out from the crowd in your eyes? All of these designers stick out from the crowd simply due to thier incredible talent & design skills...they are all AMAZING!!

Give me your top three designers that you have NEVER purchased from, but would like to. The three designers I have never purchased from, but would love to:


Cree from Bowznstuff_Boutique


Are you a member of any buyers groups on eBay? I just joined your fab buyers group!!!! Yay! So honored to be a part of the group!

Do you have a favorite auction on eBay right now? Or a favorite item on Etsy? My fav auction at the moment is Maddie*Kate's apple knit set. It is listed with WisteriaLane & with PoppySt for their back to school launch!!! I love launches too, they are so fun to shop!!!

Do you have a group of "go to designers", the girls you seem to buy from often that you trust, or are you constantly trying out new designers? I go back to several designers time after time! Maddie*Kate, my*unbirthday, Ducksouporiginals, basically I check all of my fav designers mentioned above to see if they have anything new daily! I also love to check out new designers, I usually see that they have joined one of my favorite groups, have great feedback or I just stumble upon them as I surf through the customs for the day! I am so addicted, I realize this as I sit & answer these interview questions, LOL!

Some designers give out little extras, as a way of saying thanks for the purchase, is that important to you? Anything extra that a designer includes in the package with our set is such a wonderful surprise, however I in no way expect anything at all as I know that each custom set takes so much time & effort that I am so thrilled with the set, that anything extra makes me squeal with delight!!! I have had some amazing extras put in our packages & I can't thank the designer enough when she does that for my girls, they LOVE it!!

What would make you never buy from a designer again? For example...poor packaging, wrinkled clothing, poor construction of garment, would those things stick out in your mind? I have only had one bad expierience in my many years buying customs, I paid for three VERY expensive sets & never recieved them, but that is it!!! I always have the most wonderful transactions with designers, they are always so good to me!

I see that you do a lot of reselling as well. How much time do you think you spend a week on listing resells, shipping items, etc? I probably spend an hour a day or so getting my resells ready to list. It is so hard to let go of each set when I do! The girls & I both have really enjoyed each piece of custom clothing we have been lucky enough to receive & we are so appreciative of every designer who has sewn for us!!! We love you eBay custom designers!!!!

Do you have any favorite children's store bought brands? We have tons of store bought labels we love...Oilily, Catimini, Baby Lulu, Room Seven, my new fav, Lola Et Moi, Juicy & tons of Gymbo & Gap for everyday wear! Yikes! What would I do with three boys! Still buy them customs as I see some amazing boy sets by designers out there too!!!

What store would you like to max out your credit card at? I love to shop in Athens at a local boutique...Tiger Lily, I would love to max my plastic out there for sure!!!!

Last but not least, do you have any advice for new buyers, to help get them started? My advice to new the designers ME page or blog & find out what designs they enjoy creating, you will find that each custom designer has a different style of designing & that is what makes this experience so much fun!!!!

Here are a few of Jennifer's favorite sets, modeled by her adorable daughters:




***If you would like to join our team of writers, please email me. I am still looking for one designer and one buyer!***

***Check back tomorrow as I reveal another writer for the blog!!***


Sweet Sunshine Boutique said...

Thank you SO MUCH Michelle!!! This interview was so much fun! Talk to you soon!!!

Smiles :0)


Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique said...

How nice to get to know you a little better Jennifer! Your girls are cuties!

CB said...

Welcome aboard :)

Lynn said...

Jennifer! Thank you so much for giving the girls on PoppySt a "shout out"!!! You are one of my favorite buyers!!!


colettoscloset said...

Thanks Jennifer for your sweet words regarding us ladies at PoppySt, we appreciate your business!!


Ollie Girl! Custom Boutique said...

Hi Jennifer! Just thought I'd say hello and thank you for your past business and the mention of PoppySt! Hugz~ Angela

couture*4*my*cutie said...

Wow Jennifer, looks like you have some fans at PoppySt! I loved getting to know you better. Thanks so much for your help!


willowtreeboutique said...

Jennifer what an awesome interview I loved getting to learn more about you!

justcindy68 said...

Jennifer loved your interview!! Your daughters are adorable! Having girls is so much fun. Dressing my girls is my major hobby and sport! LOL Great to know more about you, Cindy

gumdrop*shop said...

Jennifer Thank You so much for mentioning the girls at Poppyst- You are such a hit with all of us! Thank you for your past orders!


Sweet Sunshine Boutique said...

Oh my!!! I think I'm going to cry!! You girls at PoppySt ROCK!!! All of you who left me a comment, you have truly made my month!! I just love the custom boutique community so much! Thanks again Michelle for letting me feel like an "ebay celeb"!!!!