Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Big News For The Blog!

Two designers have teamed up with me to help out with the blog. I am so excited about this! I really need the help, and these designers are going to help me make my vision for this blog a reality. There are going to be so many new topics and posts...it's going to be great! I am going to unveil one of the designers now, and one sometime this week, so keep checking back! I am also still looking for one or two experienced buyers to help out as well. Below is an interview I did with our new member of the blog team! Thanks so much Cassi for volunteering your time!

Where were you born and raised?
I was born in a bar in northern MN. It is true, my parents owned a bar / restaurant / convenient store and lived above it. I lived there for my first year and a half. Then we moved down to civilization.

Where do you live now?
I live 15 minutes from the house I was raised in.

How many children do you have? Names and ages? I have one daughter Miss Kay age 5. (Sorry about the vegance, my husband and I agreed when I started selling on line no exact location and not to use our daughter's real name)

What are your hobbies (besides designing and sewing)? I love to read, scrapbook, and shop of course.

What is your eBay ID?

Do You Have An Etsy Store?
yes, ptigerlily

How did you come up with your ID, is there a story behind it? When this venture started it was with my Grandmother Lillian. (who still contributes time to time) My mother called my daughter Princess Tiger Lily alot and with Lillian as my Grandmother's name it seemed to work nice. I also have a tiger lily tattoo on my back (from before the business started). It seemed to all fit together for this name, girly yet punk.

Are you a member of a design group?
How long have you been a member of that group? I am a part of lots of discussion groups on ebay but only one design group. Eco Couture, for our launches we have to reuse / refashion something into a new design. The ladies are great! And the designs are so much fun to watch from beginning to end. I am in the look out to join another design group where I can be challenged with my non-refashioned items.

How long have you been selling your designs on eBay? This September will be two years.

What got you started? I wanted a set for my dd and it sold above my price point. When I told my Grandmother about the set she said she could sew something similar, we went down to her fabric stash and patterns and put together a set. So, I asked her if she would make more items in order for my dd to compete in a pageant. Well her timing was off and the pageant was over so I decided to sell the set and it sold.

Do you remember the first set you sold on eBay?
How much did it sell for? It was a pink and green causal wear outfit for pageants it sold for $15. (attached is a picture, I am so glad my photography got better)

Have you noticed a change in your designs from when you first started? At first I was designing and my grandmother was sewing, now I am doing both. My designs have become more challenging and a little more punk. (not always but my dd and I seem to gravitate towards that style)

What is your inspiration for your designs? My daughter is definitely the inspirations, I come home to find drawings on my sewing machine. "can you make this next mom?"

Is there any other designers you admire?
Oh there are so many, I love Kandy Kisses Boutique she is so good at the details, Rebecca from Sunnybrook Farm Designs her designs are so classic and all the ladies in the design group AART their applique's are amazing!

What is your favorite design you have created? My favorite would have to be my punk set I just did for the JM refashion launch. Miss Kay and I worked together on this set, it was a lot of fun.

Who is your favorite fabric designer?
I love Swell by Moda right now, but for people designers I have to say I love Sandi Henderson's new line Farmer's Market.

What is your favorite custom auction on eBay right now? I love the vintage feel of this set. http://cgi.ebay.com/Boutique-Lil-peas-City-Girl-dress-custom-18m-5-6_W0QQitemZ160254949840QQihZ006QQcategoryZ79714QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

If you could max out your credit card at one store, what store would that be?
Anthropologie of course unless you count Etsy stores then there are quite a few.

What can we expect from you in the future?
Immediate future, I have an auction starting later this week for an OOAK Cowgirl dress and a deco set. I am really working towards adding more trims and vintage items to my designs this year.

Thanks Michelle for the interview

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Sweet Sunshine Boutique said...

Hi!! I tried to reply to your email about needing an expierenced buyer, but am not sure if it got to you? I would love to help out!!! I am a bit more expierienced than Hubby & my wallet would probably like, but I have such a custom boutique addiction!!! Let me know if I can help at all, I would be so happy to!! Thanks :0)


Bowznstuff said...

How exciting!!! Great news for a great blog!
Cree :)

couture*4*my*cutie said...

Hey Jennifer,
Thanks so much for the response! I didn't get your email. Let me try it again, and if not, then please email me at couture4mycutie@gmail.com. Thanks again!