Friday, November 14, 2008

Buyers Questions...Answered

Here are the questions that we discussed in our group this week. If you have a question for an experienced group of buyers then send it in using the link on the right:

Are you done with your Holiday wardrobe shopping? Are you buying for Valentines yet? And do you buy less custom boutique now through Christmas because of the Holiday shopping you have to do? Or does that effect your buying at all?

This was split between the buyers...some of us are done, and some aren't. We will say that we tend to buy more Winter related sets, as opposed to very Holiday specific sets. We just feel that we get more use out of a set that isn't for an exact Holiday. We are all looking at Valentines listings now. We don't buy less because of the Holiday shopping, but it does seem we end up buying less right now just because we are too busy to shop on eBay. The economy is also effecting some of our buying.

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