Friday, November 14, 2008

Designers Questions...Answered

Here are the questions that were emailed in from readers to our team of designers. If you have any questions for experienced designers, please email them in using the link to the right.

I see lots of Disney Characters on outfits on your blog. Are these designers in some way permitted to use the copyrighted characters? I sew for my daughter and was told I could not sell her outfits because of copyright infringements on Disney. In no way could I sell anything Disney related without permission from the company. How are you able to do this?

Just to answer this question very simply, no, designers aren't allowed to use copyrighted characters. Do they do it??? Yes. Here are what some of the designers in the group said:

"Supply and demand, plain and simple. If there are buyers, there will be sellers. "

"Lots of shades of grey on this one, but if you get a nasty letter from the owner of the copyrighted character I think it's pretty black and white!"

I am not a photographer but I do think I take nice pictures and like any mom I think I have the cutest kids around. I was wondering if any of the designers
were looking for new "models" and how I would go about sending in some pictures. I thought this might be a good place to start. I am new to the
custom boutique world but have be come addicted.

Our designers all agree that they do NOT want you to email them asking if you can have your child model for them. They sometimes feel as if you are saying you don't think their pictures are good enough, or their photography is good enough. They all agree to get on some of the free modeling boards on eBay, or just any of the modeling boards in general. Buy customs from favorite designers, and send them your pictures of your child in their creation, not to solicit them, but just to show them how much you adore the set. Maybe they will ask if they can use your picture on a "Me" page. Honestly, the world of eBay modeling is a difficult place. Many of the popular models have parents that are professional photographers. If you are serious about wanting your children to do modeling, I would suggest you take a photography class at your local community college. If you have already taken classes then you are one step ahead. The next step would be, as mentioned before, join some of the modeling boards on eBay and you can find out what you need to do from there.

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