Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mielle Couture Launches On eBay

A new group, and new launch, some old favorites. Mielle Couture is going to be making a debut on Nov. 6th, so be sure to search eBay and find out more about this group. Below is a write-up from a member of the group:

"It is our great pleasure to officially announce Mielle Couture to the Ebay Boutique world. We are made up of mothers, designers, painters, seamstresses and friends. We cover all the aspect of the boutique world.......if you are looking for stunning designs, baby items, heirloom sewing, pageant wear, painted wood totes, adorable lamp work and polymer clay jewels, boys wear, hats or some of the cutest bows you've ever seen, you will not need to look any further. We invite you to come join us in our launch, Sparkle Shimmer and Shine. Where we will be featuring some of the most unique and stunning designs this Winter. Let's make Mielle a household name......bring your comfy PJs and Celebrate Fabulosity with us! Come by an check us'll be glad you did!!

Please search Mielle to find all our listings, and be sure to watch for our launch starting Nov. 6th that runs through the 20th."

Here are some of the designs that will be offered during this launch. The designers name is on the picture.

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