Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Design Group Interview With Sugar3

Right when this new design group emerged, I knew I had to interview them. I was so curious to know EVERYTHING about them...from how they got their name, to how the group was formed. First off, I would like to thank all the lovely ladies at Sugar3 for taking the time to answer these questions. Best of luck with this group!

Who is the leader of the group, and are there any Mods?
In Sugar3 we like the idea of the team approach. We do have two leaders and one mod. But we do keep the idea of everyone is working as hard as the next team member. All opinions are taken into GREAT consideration. We love the idea of Sugar3 being a team of designers with strong friendships and respect leading the way!!

How was the group name formed? Does it have a meaning?
Sugar3 is very excited about our name. It was a long process to find the perfect one. But with some great creative thinking and lots of communication we discovered the PERFECT name for out team. We loved the idea of our team having something different and catchy. The idea of the 3 cubed was a bit of a math refresher for some of us..but we thought it was just the perfect accent to what we consider to be a team with something extra special to offer the boutique world! Not to mention a upcoming surprise that will be revealed within the Cube.

How long has your group has been around? We are a new group. However the designers within the Cube have been great friends quite a long time.

Since this is a brand new group, can you tell us who came up with the idea of the group, and how the designers were chosen to be in the group? Sugar3 is a combination of many designers ideas. No single person is responsible for our discovery or concepts. It really is such a melting pot of great creativity and drive.

What are the requirements of getting in over there? The Cube has a serious application process. We are very solid on what we want for any new members to join the cube. We have a formal application that needs to be reviewed by the entire group and then after serious discussion we will put that designer up for a vote. We have a strong desire to keep our group full of top notch designers with a strong sense of style.

How many members do you have? We have 17 team members in the Cube.

How long has your oldest member been with the group? your newest? Since the Cube is new we are all on the same level with days on the team.

Are you currently accepting applications from new designers to join? Again, because we are freshly formed, we are getting all of our ducks in order first.

How are you going to come up with launch ideas? Our launches are always something that we really put a lot of time and effort into. We all brainstorm and come up with our favorite ideas. In January the Cube is doing something very fun and different with our monthly launches. It is going to be "very" Sweet!

How often will you launch, and will you have set launch dates for the year? Starting in January, Sugar3 is going to present a monthly launch like nothing the Boutique world has seen. Right now the concept is "TOP SECRET"!! But if you all take a peek in the New Year you will find it was well worth the wait. There is so much going on in the Cube you will not believe your eyes. I must say, we are SO excited about what we will reveal that you might just have to look a little closer!!

How long does it take to pick a launch theme, make the items for the launch including the templates, and then get the listings up? Our Launch themes come to us in various ways. Sometimes it is a long list of ideas and sometimes we just get an idea and KNOW this is IT! With our talented members, we all have certain tasks in preparing the group for a launch.

How would you define the groups style? Do you like to have a range of designers that specialize in different areas, or does everyone have a similar style? Everyone has their own unique sense of style & personality that makes the group fun, fresh, creative & exciting!

Once a designer is invited in to the group, are there any requirements for them to continue to be a member? Do you inspect other designer's work before inviting them into the group? How do you handle a group-mate when a designer in the group has upset her customers? What would you do if you knew one of your fellow group-mates was shilling? How would you handle a copy cat?

To lump the previous few questions together, all the girls in the Sugar3 have gotten to know each other and worked together either as group mates or as part of collaborations over a significant period of time. In that time, through seeing each other samples or by purchasing from each other, we have experienced the high level of quality and customer service that each designer brings. Also each of our members have proven track records on Ebay - the kind of quality and level of customer service required to maintain the number of positive boutique feedbacks and repeat customers that we claim as a group, makes us confident in terms of the Sugar Cube's collective customer service and scrupulous business practices.

What are you doing to try and spread the word about this new group? Sugar3 is going to be spreading the word of our new adventure by advertising and sending out information on our blogs, mailing lists etc.. We hope with the fun ideas we have coming up that the word will spread and the news will get around that something very special is about to happen!

What is in the future for Sugar3? The Sugar Cube is so very happy to be up and running with our talented team of designers. We are very excited about our future plans. We look forward to offering the Boutique World something very different, something that will be a wonderful adventure for all!

Is there anything else you would like to say to the buyers? We would like to say a huge thank-you to all of our buyers for their continued support. We promise to “WOW” you with this new group!

Here are some of the designers in Sugar3 displaying their current sets being offered in their newest launch on eBay:

***All bidders on any Sugar3 set over the next week will be entered into a draw for a $50 eBay Gift Certificate. Perfect to help pay for that Sugar3 item you really, really want, but can be used for any eBay purchase. :) Thank you, Michelle, and to all the gals of the Boutique Buyers Blog for drawing the winning name for us!***


robin said...

thanks so much for the feature Michelle!

Robin (nanabobana!)

Clara said...

AMAZING group of talented designers! You certainly have my interest peaked...can't wait until the New Year to see what you have in store for us!!!!

richelle*leanne said...

Love this group! What a fabulous bunch, I can't wait to see what else they come up with. :)

Patty Key*West*Kids said...

I loved reading the interview! Your group sounds creative, fresh, & FUN! Wishing you talented ladies all the luck with your new beginnings and sending you all some love as you WOW the boutique world! :-)

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Thanks for featuring our group! And thank-you for all the kind words on our group! :) Shelley