Sunday, May 20, 2007

Favorite Auctions May 20th-27th

OMGosh, there are soooo many cute sets on eBay right now. I am currently bidding on more things then I have ever before. Of course, at the moment I am only high bidder on a few. I have so many to list, I thought I would group them by group affiliation. So here are my favorites in random order:

For The Girls:


BabyGoRetro ~
"I Heart Flowers"

Boutique Byrds:

Sunnybrook*Farm*Designs ~ "Flutterby"

CharmSt :

TwoCuteBoutique ~ "French Riviera"


Little*Moonkey ~
"Ruffles & Pintucks"

Lil' Peas :

Lyndsayleila ~
"Fairy Princess"

Bella*Tessa ~ "Star Spangled Pride"


Ritchie*Rags ~
"Sea Fairy Skirt"

ModKidBoutique ~ "Costa Rica Collection"

Boutique RNB:

TwoLittle*Angels ~
"Mystical Mermaid"


BlumenCollection ~
"Fruit Infusion"

BlumenCollection ~ "Sun~Drenched"

BlumenCollection ~ "Roses Are Red"

Dandelion Avenue ~ "English Garden"

Boutique TLD:

Too_Lovely_Designs ~ "Island Nectar"

Non-Group Affiliated (?):

Sunshine*Kisses ~
"Retro Bicycle"

Portabellopixie ~ "Happy Day"

For The Boys:

I am real picky about boys customs, but I think this first one has to be my favorite of all time! Soooo Adorable!!

Maddie*Kate ~ "Out To Sea"

Finnjax*Designs ~ "Turtle Set"

JennaClaireBoutique ~ "Pirate Overalls"

Rejhero ~ "Rumble In The Jungle"

Tada!Creations ~ "Ships Ahoy"

Now you can see where my dilema as a buyer is...What do I bid on?!?


modkidboutique said...

Thanks for mentioning my set as one of your favorites, Michelle! I see I am among great company have wonderful taste! :)


Susan said...

I am thrilled to be mentioned as one of your favorites.. thank you SO much Michelle! I also just saw precious Miss Sydney in my birdie set.. she is SUCH a little doll:) Thanks for making my day!
HUGS, Susan

Dannette (rejhero) said...

Thank you so much for mentioning me in the boys category of favorites. That is so awesome! Your blog is done tastefully. I will be checking in regulary. Again, thank you. What an honor!

lyndsayleila said...

Thank you so much Michelle for mentioning my set. I am truely honored. LOVE your blog - it's now on my favorites list :) Thanks again, Lisa

Erin said...

ahem...what about the ACCESSORIES?

couture*4*my*cutie said...

That is so true Erin! Thanks for bringing that up!


Laurie~kandy kisses said...

Great picks Michelle...
Love your blog!!

Rebekah said...

Thanks for mentioning me, Michelle :) I am honored to be in such great company, too!