Thursday, May 17, 2007

Smocking Showcase Boutique Does 1st Launch Ever

I am so glad to see a group in the eBay customs world that is dedicated to bringing back the art of smocking. It didn't really go anywhere, it has always been around, but actually finding a set that has good smocking is hard to come by. The designers in this group are all smocking veterans, who have had lots of experience. If I was to buy a smocked set, it would definitely be from one of these ladies. I consider smocking to be difficult and time consuming, and the finished product I consider to be artistic, unique, and heirloom quality pieces that can be enjoyed for generations to come. The beauty in a smocked set is never ending. It is a piece you want to hold onto, and remember your children's youth when they were able to wear that set. Below are a few exceptional designs for you to admire. Click here to see all the offerings for this launch.






Ladybug said...

These are BEAUTIFUL outfits!!!

Steffi said...

Wonderful outfits and beautiful fabrics!Really nice!


PamperingBeki said...

Those are all just so beautiful!!

LAnderson said...

Wonderful website with great designs!