Friday, May 4, 2007

What's Hot ? ~ Summer Trends

So I thought it would be fun to do an article on the trends I am seeing on eBay. Mind you, I am no fashion expert, but I do consider myself fairly knowledgeable when it comes to fashion trends, for myself, and my kids. Please remember that this is just one buyers opinion. So, here we go...

Bright Colors ~ Definitely in for Summer! I would say, the brighter the better.

Ribbon Pants ~ These new ribbon pants are making their way around eBay in a big way! Everywhere I look, there is a set with ribbon pants. The design below is an example of the top two trends. Click Here for a link to this beautiful auction by Spoiled*Sweet.

Euro Fabrics/Styles ~ Pretty much anything with the word Euro in it is HOT! Euro fashion has made it's mark, and there are a few designers that specialize just in Euro Couture, like Janea04, designer of the set below:

Zuma Pants ~ These are what I would consider "Euro" in style. I am really on the fence with Zuma pants. Sometimes I like them, and sometimes I don't. In the auction listed below, by Blu*Moon*Design, I think they are super cute!

Wrap Dresses/Apron Dresses ~ I love this look! These are done a few the auction below, by Pumkinlittle, the under dress is separate, which is a plus for buyers because you are getting two dresses in one. These are also done where the outer dress ties in the back, but is attached to the under dress. Same look, with the longer dress peaking out the bottom. Or some designers do it with just ties in the back, with no over dress. I think all of these ways are adorable!

Decoupage/Mosiac Jeans
~ These jeans will be HOT all year round. If you have a "Wild Child" these are a must have, LOL! Angie from That*Funky*Boutique is one of the first designers that I can remember doing this style of jean. Below are pics of her awesome work. The "Bon Voyage" set is a sneak peak of a design that is going to be listed soon!

The "Birdie" Trend ~ Weather it is in the fabric, appliqued, or painted, the Bird theme is a big hit in the eBay custom boutique world! The first design below is by That*Funky*Boutique, the second design is by Pumkinlittle, and the third design is by Pixie*Couture. I love 'em all!

Bubble Dresses ~ I am so in love with this style! The design below, by Nanabobana!, features an overlay, and the bubble is underneath. You can also just do a bubble with no overlay.

Dresses/Skirts Over Jeans ~ This style is a plus for buyers because it gives us more wear out of our custom couture! When a set comes with jeans and a skirt or dress, you can practically wear it all year round! Plus, the look is completely adorable! Below are two examples, both from BowzNStuff_Boutique.

Palazzo Pants ~ These look so comfy for Spring/Summer. I am glad they are a trend. Sydney just loves them! They are practical for kids who don't want to wear the skirt, and moms who still want them to be a little dressy. Kandy*Kisses* designed the set below.

Apron Front Dresses ~ This look is very classic, yet trendy. This style is similar to the apron/wrap dress above, except it has a little apron attached to the front. Below is a set by Mamapatrice.

***And For The Mommies***

Custom Purses/Totes ~ Dare to be different! Set aside your Louis's and Coach's and pick up one of these custom purses! These would be perfect for beach trips! Let your personality fit your style! The purses below are by Clutterbags.

Okay, that is all I have for now. I am sure that I am missing some hot trends, but geez, there are too many to list!!

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