Monday, May 14, 2007

More Rave Reviews For May

So here are a few more customs that I got this month, and some actually last month. I also have a few more I need to post, but at the moment Sydney has a partial black eye, so I will hold off on that until it heals.


I got this amazing set last month from Gyl, and let me tell you, the workmanship is excellent. Not only is it completely adorable, it was shipped lightning fast too! It is a little too big for Sydney, so I had to borrow one ofGyl's photos. Thanks so much Gyl, and we look forward to more listings from you!


Here is one from my good friend Emily, whom I absolutely adore! We love, love, love her designs! Her quality is excellent, and she has talent for matching fabrics. I have never been disappointed with anything I have bought from her, and we buy a ton from her, so that should say alot!


This set is from Jen, who is so far my favorite custom boy designer on eBay. Fantastic work, fast shipping, and a little gift make this transaction an A+. I'm not big in to boy custom buying, but I willdefinitely be watching what this seller has to offer.


pinkparpasoldesigns said...

I love all three of those designers! You are so lucky. What adorable children you have to dress in those adorable clothes!


rhembein said...

Thanks for the compliments!! Once that outfit does fit her, she will probably get two years out of it, but maybe by then you will be sick of seeing it! LOL! One of my favorite OOAKs! Light, cute and twirly!!

And the other two as cute as well!


modkidboutique said...

Two of my favorite designers & friends of mine... Gyl & Emily. You have great taste!

Hey, Michelle, you have to check out my blog!!! You were the inspiration for my birthday gift (and I gave you credit!) :)


couture*4*my*cutie said...

hehe, I saw that Patty! Totally cool! Thanks, glad to help any way I can!

Gyl, I will never get sick of that is gorgeous!

Tayasmama said...

Thanks for the compliments sweetie!!! I love designing and sewing for you and Sydney :) Love the other two as well!!!