Friday, May 4, 2007

Top 5 Trendsetters

Designers, I have a question for you. You don't have to post an answer here, it's just something to think about...Are you a Trendsetter, Trend Follower, or Trend Watcher? Read my description below and then decide...

Trendsetter ~ You love to try new things. You will be the first to come out with a new style, or
bring back to life an old one. Your design could hit or miss, but you have the guts to try it anyway. You are a leader in your industry, and others admire and respect you. In life, you are probably spontaneous, outgoing, and adventurous, willing to take on any task.

Trend Follower ~ You wait for the next trend to come along, and design around it. You don't
want to take that first step into the unknown, but applaud those that do. You embrace a new trend, and are constantly scanning the market to see what is selling. In life, you are probably reserved at first, but once you get going, you are the life of the party. You probably have many friends, because of your supportive and caring attitude.

Trend Watcher ~ You are aware of the trends in the market, after all, you are a designer! You don't follow them, mimic them, or design around them. You have your own tried and true classics that you stick with no matter what is hot. In life, you are probably a confidant, a good listener, someone people look up to. You are probably very stable in life, and a symbol of strength in your family.

Now, for my Top 5 Trendsetters...(In Random Order)

1. NZBug ~
For her use of Ribbon Pants, and her eye for amazing fabric combos.

2. That*Funky*Boutique ~ For her use of
Decoupage Jeans.

3. BowzNStuff_Boutique ~ For her use of bright colors, and her original designs.

4. Little*Red*Wagon
~ For her use ofTye dye and her awesome boy sets.

5. Janea04 ~ For her Euro inspired designs.


bella*tessa said...

Your blog is GREAT! I LOVE it! As a designer (and occasional buyer) I will be checking you out often!

Bowznstuff said...

Wow Michelle - thanks for mentioning me :) Your blog looks FAbuLouS. Great job! :)

mylittlefairytales said...

Great blog! I have no idea how I found myself here but I so enjoyed reading about your "couture tastes!" I've seen you out in Ebay land but can now put a "name with a face!" -cammie