Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Buyers Questions...Answered

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Do you buy more pants, skirts or dresses?

Amazingly, all the buyers in the group buy more skirt sets and dresses. I buy more pants in the Winter, but am more of a Summer buyer, so definitley more skirts and dresses here. All our Princesses love the twirl factor!

Do you buy more sets for a certain Season? If so, what Season would that be?

All of us also tend to buy more in the Summer. Some of us live in warmer weather climits, so Summer clothing gets worn more, and can easily be layered. Some of us just like the look of halters and skirts. I love the Summer fabrics! For me, since I live in Oregon, it would make more sense to buy Fall/Winter, but I just LOVE Spring/Summer!

How soon do you start shopping for Holiday items? For example is September too early for Christmas items? or December too early for Valentine's?

Okay, this is one where we split. The other buyers like to see Christmas sets in late September early October. I have already bought some sets for Christmas. I usually end up buying more then one, but at this moment I think I have one for each of my children, and one appliqued tee. I always shop the Christmas in July launches, and usually get something at that time. The other buyers browse those launches, but don't end up buying until later. Some of this has to do with sizing, and not being sure about how big their children will be for the intended set. And no, December is not to early for Valentines :)

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GingerLouise said...

Hi, That was really interesting to read Michelle, it helps to know what buyers want.