Friday, September 19, 2008

Buyers Questions...Answered

Here are the questions that were discussed in the group this week. If you have a question for a team of experienced buyers, feel free to use the link on the right!

What do you expect the turn around time should be for a custom?

All our buyers said 4 weeks is the Max they like to wait. We think that the sellers who get sets out in the 2-3 week time frame are the ones we will repeatably shop with, and we appreciate their timeliness. We also think that 6 weeks is too long to wait for a custom, unless their has been a family emergency, or other situation. We really are understanding people, and would like an email explaining what has happened if a custom is going to be late. But, if you email telling us our set will be late, and are listing other custom sets on eBay during this time-frame, we are not going to be happy! If you are late by more then 2 weeks, for example, your auction states 4 weeks and you don't ship until 6 weeks, we would like some sort of refund to be offered, a gift certificate, something that will tell us you appreciate our business and would like for us to try you again. This would be in the case that you got too busy, not in the case of a family emergency.

Do pants make the outfit and need to be offered with a dress set for you to bid on a set?

We said no, they don't have to be offered. A few of us live in a hotter climate, where pants, even in Winter, aren't always necessary. Plus, a few of our Princesses are at that stage where they only want to wear dresses. In the Fall/Winter months, it is nice to offer pants with a set, but many dresses we can find leggings to match, or jeans can be worn under them, so you don't have to offer them.

Is it too late to list a Halloween theme set?

No, we don't believe it is. A few of our buyers haven't bought their Halloween sets, so there are still buyers out there!

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