Friday, September 12, 2008

Buyers Questions...Answered

Here are the questions that came in this week. If you have a question for a team of experienced buyers, please send it in using the link on the right!

How much would you spend on a custom boutique set? Is there a maximum amount?

All of the buyers agreed that there is a maximum amount that they would spend on a custom boutique set. The total amount they would EVER spend ranged from about $200-$400. However, that amount would only be spent on very special, very detailed, multiple piece sets. In general, though, the amounts totally varied based on the set. For simple items such as lounge sets and t-shirt dresses, the amounts ranged from $40-$75. For more detailed sets, such as twirl sets, jean sets with appliqu├ęs, special occasion dresses, etc., the range was about $100-$275.

What attracts you to a custom? For example- Designer, type of set, group, cost, presentation?

Many things attract our buyers to a custom. It was cited that the designer’s reputation or the group often attracts them to a custom. Others agree that it needed to be something for which they are looking (for example, a holiday set or special occasion) or something that they know their child will like.

All agree that presentation is VERY important. Opinions varied regarding photographs. Some felt it critical to have a child model the creation. Although others did not, all agreed that if a child DOES model the creation, it is critical that the set fit properly, look neat (i.e. ironed), the child and the surroundings be clean and without food (especially if this is the item for sale). Regardless of whether the item is shown on a child or not, it was agreed that clear photos showing all angles and details of a set are the most important.

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