Friday, September 5, 2008

Buyers Questions...Answered

Here are the questions that came in this week. If you have a question for a team of experienced buyers, please send it in using the link on the right!

Does including bows and accessories effect your decision on buying an outfit?

All of us said NO, it doesn't effect our buying decisions. We would all be willing to bid a little more then we would without the extra accessories, but in the end, it isn't going to be a determining factor in whether we buy a set or not. They are nice to include, but most buyers are looking more at the actual outfit. Plus, there are so many talented bow and jewelry makers in each group, that make things to match specific outfits, we would rather buy M2M pieces through them.

How many Holiday theme customs do you buy? Which Holidays do you buy for? What types of sets are you getting...for example, lounge set, formal set, appliqued set, etc.?

We all LOVE Holiday theme sets! All the buyers commented that we buy more then one set per major Holiday. Most of us buy a lounge set for Christmas morning, at least one appliqued set, and most buy a formal set too. This is from me personally, but I like the sets that can be worn after the Holiday is over. For example, I like general Fall theme sets, instead of strictly Halloween, but I will buy both :)

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