Friday, September 26, 2008

Designers Questions...Answered

Here are the questions the designers discussed in our group this week. If you have a question for a team of experienced designers, please send it to us using the link on the right.

Do you offer "freebies", or "gifts" with your sets? If so, do you give the same thing to all buyers, or do you give your favorite buyers something better? Does the amount you would spend on a freebie or gift, depend on the ending price of your auction? If you don't give out freebies, why not?

Most of the designers do offer some sort of freebie, weather is is free shipping to mailing list customer, a discount off a future purchase, or some stickers/toys for your child that come with the set. I don't think it was ever really stated "yes, I give better things to certain buyers, or no, I don't." I think that would depend on who the buyer is, how much they have purchased from that designer, if a friendship was formed, etc. And, it was mentioned that sometimes certain designers send out freebies, and sometimes they don' if you get a freebie one time from a designer it is possible you won't get a freebie the next time.

Here is what was said in the group:

I would like to say it should be at the designers disgression and can be based on how often that person buys or how much they spend or whatever other reason. BUT it always seems like other buyers feelings will get hurt. Because you know just like anything else on eBay, buyers will tell their friends about their freebies and that will leave the other buyer scratching their head wondering why they didn't get something.

I give these goodies 'as time allows' or 'finances allow'. So it's not a rule for each purchase.

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