Friday, September 5, 2008

Designers Questions...Answered

Here are they designers questions for the week. If you have a question for our team of experienced designers, please send it in using the link on the right. Thanks!

What is your ultimate goal as a designer? Have you reached that goal? If not, how long do you think it will take to achieve it? Would you rather be doing something else, or is what you are doing now where you want to be?

All the designers said they are doing what they love to do...designing children's clothing. Most of the goals are related to making their clothing design a steady full-time business, that generates a stable income. Also, some of them would love to be considered a "Big Name" designer. On the flip side, some of the designers are just happy with where they are at right now, with how successful their business is. Many of them have young children, and trying to balance out how much time they have for their business, and how much time for family. Finding the perfect balance is the real success story.

What are the regulations on using characters in designs? I've bought several embroidery designs from people on Ebay, but I'm afraid to use them because I hear horror stories of people getting in trouble. How is it possible for people to sell the designs as well as sellers who sell the outfits with characters like Mickey or Minnie?

Here is what one designer said:

"Licensed Characters are just that, licensed, and you cannot legally reproduce them on items for sale unless you have purchased a license to use the character from the company that owns it. If you go to the VERO information on eBay you can get specific information from each company on use of their licensed characters.

Most embroidery designs of licensed characters are sold for personal use only, you can read on the package what guidelines are given.

That said, there is a ton of fake character stuff for sale on eBay. Both embroidery programs, and custom boutique items with licensed characters on them, and other knock off goods too. They are not listed legally, and you can have your auctions pulled by eBay and also face legal action from the owner of the licensed character for listing these items. You will see a ton of people doing it, but just because they do it doesn't make it legal."

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