Saturday, September 13, 2008

Designers Questions. . . Answered

Here are the designers questions for the week. If you have a question for our team of experienced designers, please send it in using the link on the right. Thanks!

How long have you been selling on eBay? Within that time, how many times has your style changed? Do you have any formal education as a designer, or are you self taught?

The designers have all been selling on ebay for different amounts of time. We have one new to ebay (but not new to sewing!) and one who has been selling on ebay as long as 6 years.

Some of our designers say they've stayed with the same style, while others say their style has changed over the years.

None of the designers have had a formal education. Some were taught the basics, but for the most part, they're all self taught!

If a buyer had a complaint, is your immediate reaction a shared concern OR are you thinking in the back of your head, "not this pain in the butt again"?

All of the designers agreed that they definitely want to know if there's a problem. Some of the buyers were concerned that the designers would think they were being a pain, but some of the designers felt just the opposite and felt like the buyers would think They are the pain. One designer said, "I would 100% want to know and would do whatever needed to be done to make it right. We are all human and mistakes can happen so I just think the right thing to do is to fix it."

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couture*4*my*cutie said...

Thanks Debbie for posting these! So interesting to hear the designers point of view!