Friday, August 8, 2008

Ask the designers....

Our first question for our new feature, was a great one.
Do you mind when a buyer asks if they can change some details in a set? Say they like the style and fabric used, but would prefer something a little different. Does that bother you, or do you not mind at all and would rather they ask and get the business?
The concise from our panel of designers was it doesn't bother us at all. As designers we see a custom as exactly as it's stated a custom for the buyer. That being said most of a agreed that it would be small changes. Anything major would possibly have an additional price added to the winning bid. Examples we gave we'd gladly add straps, change capri's to pants or move an applique, but it might cost extra to add two more layers of ruffles.
Another item we brought up is a complete change might be denied. If the set is for a twirl skirt and tee and the buyer instead would like zumas. This might be denied for two reasons fabric amount left or that the designer has never made zumas and would prefer not to try out a new pattern on a customer.
All this been said communication is key. Also we are just a small portion of the designers out there and not all of them may feel the same way. If you would like changes to a design please email the designer prior to bidding. Thank you for your question, I can't wait to see what other ones come our way.

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