Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Buyers Questions...Answered

Here are some questions that were asked in the group. More to come Friday!

My buyer just emailed to say she loves my new set, but in so many words, she won't bid on it because she knows who's winning it. She didn't mean it in a bad way, more like she really likes the other person and doesn't want to bid against her. Do other buyers do this also?

This really varies depending on the buyer. In our group, we have about 5 experienced buyers, who have been doing this for a long time. When we were in certain buyers groups, sure, we didn't want to outbid our friends. Now, we see it as all is fair in bidding, and we go ahead and bid regardless. So to answer the question, the buyers in our group do bid against each other.

Here is what was said in the group:

I used to have a hard time bidding against maybe a 1/2 dozen buyers I am friendly with, but not anymore. I think lots of buyers in eBay groups feel this way when they initially know people and like them, but most everyone gets past it because if we frankly want the set we will bid unless we know we will get designers to agree to make more later."

"There are some people who place such crazy (I should say appreciative) bids that I would hesitate to keep bidding because I know I will never outbid them if they really want it"

Would you let a designer know you weren't pleased with a set?

The overall consensus was it would depend on how much we paid for it. Also, it depends on what is wrong with it. If it was a quality issue, or a sizing issue, then yes, we would say something. If it is an issue where we don't like the fabric close up, or maybe we didn't end up liking the pattern, etc., then no, that is our fault. No one wants to be known as a "problem customer", but we feel we pay a good amount for these sets, and we want them to be well constructed and fit our children properly.

Has a designer ever done anything in the past that really blew you away? If so, what was it?

We couldn't figure out if this was in a good or bad way, LOL. But in a good way, yes, we are constintley amazed at all the talent out there! Some designers have sent us some very nice extras that exceed out expectations. Those are obviously appreciated, but in no means necessary to recieve our business. Even just a thank you note brings a smile to our faces. Also, a certain designer was mentioned for her overwhelming talent...Nat from SmallSomething.

If I commission a designer to make something that is "my design", basically, I am only able to verbally express what I want, LOL, and it arrives, I have been blown away thinking, "This is exactly as I pictured it".

Do you have a monthly budget for buying customs or do you impulse shop?

Ummm, we basically impulse shop. I think we all have some sort of limit, but we just bid/buy when we see something we love.

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