Friday, August 15, 2008

Buyers Questions...Answered

What terms/keywords do you use when searching for customs on eBay? Do you look at the pulse?

Many of us when we started out searched Custom Boutique, but now don't have the time to look through 100 pages. All of us search by design groups and favorite designers. Some of us search highest to lowest. This isn't terms or keywords we use to search, but all of us look on the BDB at the newly listed auctions, and the favorite auctions threads. Some of us search the resells, and some of us browse the handmade category when we have time.

None of us search the pulse...and I didn't even know what it was, LOL!

As a designer about to offer her designs on Ebay and Etsy, I am curious as to other sites/blogs that buyers visit that might showcase new designers? I am sure you are all on your favorites' mailing lists and may not look any further than that, so how would a newbie get your attention?

All of us agreed that we really only shop eBay and Etsy for custom boutique. To be honest, it would be really hard for a newbie to get our attention. First, we think you should get affiliated with a design group, since we search those listings daily. We really don't use newbies unless we can get a great deal. For a newbie, turn-around-time and quality of garment are very important. You really need to aim to please your clients. Repeat customers and word of mouth are going to be your best business.

Here is what another designer said: "consistently list new items, provide high quality and good customer service, create your own individual style. You'll find you'll get noticed and get a following faster than you think"

And something from a buyer: "For newbies, I think getting things mentioned on the "Designing Minds Blog" and other blogs would be a great way to get their name and products out."

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Molly O Designs said...

Great information! As a designer we are always second guessing ourselves and wondering "what do you buyers want and how do we attract them to our listings?" I think this series of questions is a huge benefit to designers and buyers. Keep it coming :)