Friday, August 22, 2008

Buyers Questions...Answered

Here are the questions we discussed this week. I am going to be doing this two times a week...Wednesdays and Fridays. We are just so chatty in the group I can't keep up with it all, LOL!

What websites do you visit to search for customs?

Mostly just eBay and Etsy, but also mentioned were designers websites, Journal Modsite, and this blog. Most of us also buy direct from the designer off eBay, so we don't need to search websites.

A buyer said:

"I also find out about new sets/launches from being on TONS of designers mailing lists! Which I love, because often times, if I catch their email soon enough, I can be one of the first to see the set & bid!! "

Do fun and inventive launch themes catch your attention?

Most of us said YES! We love launches, but only if it is something we are interested in buying. For example, if your launch is centered around Sesame Street, many of us wouldn't look at it, because we are not interested in that and wouldn't buy it anyway. We love the creativity in launches, and I personally love the launches that are centered around a new fabric line.

A buyer said:

"I LOVE launches & themes! I especially love a launch around a new fabric line (hope one of the groups does one with Patty's new line...fingers crossed!!), Holidays too!! "

Would you consider bidding on multi-set auctions?

We all agreed that it is too big a risk to bid on multi-set auctions. Most of them are over a 6 month to one year span, and within that time frame so much can happen. The designer could have a family emergency, they could get out of sewing all together, many unexpected situations can occur. And because after a few months we can't file a complaint with PayPal or eBay, we would be out the money. In the long run, you are getting a huge savings by buying multi-set auctions, but the risks don't outweigh the rewards.

Would you avoid a whole design group if you had a bad experience with one of it's designers?

We all said no...EXCEPT, if we took it to the leaders of the group and nothing was done about it. We feel like design groups should hold all their designers accountable for their behavior, and if they have a designer that continues to be a problem, it is going to effect the reputation of the whole group. That designer should be asked to leave the group, in our opinion. If you have a shaddy designer in the group, the whole group is going to appear that way.

Here is what our buyers said:

"I would not avoid a whole design group if I had a bad experience with one of their sellers, but I would hope a design group would try to get a designer who was problematic accountable or ask them to leave to protect their buyers and the group's reputation."

"I would only do this if I knew the designer had generally bad behavior (e.g. shilling, shoddy work, being months late . . .) and I knew the design group knew it too and did nothing about it. If you keep your name in with someone who is doing this, it is going to tear you down as a designer by association."

I am in search for several items. Good sources for preppy and fun designs of either grosgrain printed and jaquard (sp) ribbon. (familar with J. Caroline, Crafters vision, Lesbonribbon.)

Blank acrylic items that take fabric inserts such as travel tumblers, coasters, key rings

Good wholesale sources for cute girly accessories.

We really had no idea about this. I asked the designers and got this response:

Most cottage industry crafters buy wholesale and hold their suppliers very close. I know I have spent a lot of time and leg work sourcing supplies and establishing wholesale accounts. I think the best thing to do is to search eBay, Etsy, and the internet first. And then attending a trade show is also a great way to source supplies. Many vendors will be insulted and won't respond to questions about sources so I wouldn't recommend sending ASQ to people.

I have so many more questions to list! Check back on Wednesday!

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