Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Designers Questions...Answered

Here are the questions that were proposed to the designers in the group:

Have you ever blocked a bidder before?

What would a buyer have to do to get on your blocked list?

It was about 50/50 in our group. Things that would get a bidder blocked are, non-payment, being excessively rude, bidders always wanting favors from the designers, buyers that have a reputation for scamming or ripping sellers off. These individuals would get blocked, even if the designer has never sold to them, but has heard about them through friends and groups.

How do you become a part of a design group? Do you have to be an eBay seller. I've been really successful sewing for a local boutique. I'm looking for a way to branch out.

Here is what was said in the group:

"I think each group has a different philosophy on this. There are design groups for people new to eBay custom boutique and/or new to sewing all the way to design groups who will only take on designers who have been with eBay for x amount of time and have been listing and selling consistently. It might be a good idea for someone new to this venue to join a larger board like CBD and check out their groups thread. This could give them the info they are looking for. They may even decide not to join a group at all."

"For the group questions I agree with joining a group board first if you are new. Also maybe trying a launch group instead of a design group where there aren't as many guidelines. "

"As far as the group question, I think not to worry about it to start off with. I think best just to concentrate on yourself when you are just starting out on eBay, the rest will follow. Otherwise I guess the thing to do is to look around, figure out who the groups are and then asq a few members to ask about applying???"

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