Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's SUPER Mom!!

She wakes up at the crack of dawn to get her shower in before the kids arise. As DH finally rolls out of bed, she quickly makes it up behind him. She scoops up all the dirty laundry from the night before and tosses it in the basket. She prepares the kids’ school lunches and starts breakfast. If the kids aren’t up yet, she makes her way to each of them and gives a gentle shake to wake them from their slumber. Make the coffee, pack the bookbags, make sure the kids are dressed, teeth and hair brushed, and off to school. The house is quiet. But don’t let that fool you. Soon, a load of laundry is running, maybe the dishwasher, vacuum and OH! The toddler’s still home, of course, so a little song in the background,

"We’re going on a trip, in our favorite rocket ship. Zooming through the sky… Little Einsteins..."

And it’s only 8 a.m.!

WOW! No one said being a stay-at-home-mom was easy… and I would venture a guess to say that many moms who have all the stay-at-home-mom duties also work OUTSIDE the home! I remember those days… as a matter of fact, I’m considering going back to that routine. Goodness, what am I thinking?? I’ve been working INside the home full-time now for about 7 years. And it’s been quite the challenge just keeping up with that!

So, my question is… how do we do it? How do moms manage to be the administrators of their homes, volunteer, hold outside jobs and/or run their own businesses, cart the kids here, there & everywhere AND maintain their sanity?? Certainly, we must have "Superhero" in our genes! The other day, my husband told me he wished I would just spend more time with him... sitting... in front of the TV. WHAT?!?! Is it okay for me to do that??

In this busy, busy world we live in, is it okay for a mom to take a break? I mean, let’s face it. Our job is a 24/7 thing. I don’t know about you, but for me, there just aren’t enough hours in the day! So, does it make you feel guilty to just STOP every once in a while? I hope you’ve answered, "No!" We NEED to pamper ourselves and have "mommy time" every now and again to recharge our patience batteries and build up our energy levels. And besides, we simply deserve a TREAT, don’t we? That said, I’m sitting here trying to think of what I treat myself to... hmmm... still thinking... Well, what do you treat YOURself to? Bloggers, I’m waiting... give me some great ideas! How do you pamper YOURself?


Clara said...

LOVED the article...SuperMom! I pamper myself by staying up late when every one else is asleep, LOL!

Debbie said...

Is it sad that I think I've been pampered if I'm allowed to take a bath without any kids walking in the room?

couture*4*my*cutie said...

Haha Debbie, that is how I feel! But my bath includes candels, a good book, and a glass of wine! Oh, and a locked door!

Hmmmm, I love to go shopping, both online and to the Mall. I feel if I can get a good shopping day in with a friend, and grab a bite to eat, or coffee afterwards, I have been spoiled!


phoebeslanding said...

A bath, huh?? I haven't taken one of those in AGES!!! Mostly because we have standard sized tubs and I'm almost 5' 10" - lol!! Shopping and coffee I can relate to, though :)!

Laurie said...

Love this little article and I can SOO relate! I pamper myself by taking a walk on the beach BY MYSELF at least 3 times a week. Its totally theraputic and relaxing...I used to grab those alone hours between 1am and 3am...but I was so exhausted the next day! Taking a little walk is my choice!

DollieDimples Boutique said...

OH, I LOVE this article! Hmmm, pamper you say?? I'd have to say the way I pamper myself is to eat one (okay, perhaps 2 of them) of my all time favorite chocolate chip and pecan cookies...BY myslef!! Now that is a real treat!!

Thanks for the great article!

couture*4*my*cutie said...

Laurie, the beach 3 times a week? I am relaxing just thinking about that! We go often in the Summer, but that would be pure bliss!

Susan, I can relate to the eatting of goodies! I have a major sugar tooth, LOL!


TatteredTulips said...

I love chatting with my online sewing friends and taking bubble baths! I agree it is important to take care of yourself!

Sweet Sunshine Boutique said...

Pedi, pedi, pedi! LOVE those, I get one once a month & hubby keeps kiddos at home, I often take longer than is needed to drive home!

Oh, you must stop by & get a Starbucks on the way too :)


Oh, Clara & I are similar! I get up a few hours (I know crazy) before I have to get the girls up each day to blog, bid & drink coffee!!


Sweet Sunshine Boutique said...

Added thoughts:

Guilty, maybe just a bit. On my way to the pedi, but once I am there, all guilt melts away with the bath salts in the pedi-tub!

My Hubby tells me constantly that he would love to spend more time with me, I always feel terrible typing at night looking at him alone on the couch, that usually makes me log off & go to give him hugs & kisses!!


couture*4*my*cutie said...

Jennifer, you are so sweet to your DH! I can usually get on the computer from 10pm until midnight. That is my alone time :) I can't wake up before the kiddos get up because I am always too exhausted, LOL! I wish I could. And ohhhh, I forgot about the Pedi. Yes, those are the most relaxing thing of all! But have any of you had a scalp massage? Those are pretty amazing too!


couture*4*my*cutie said...

And yes, Starbucks is a MUST before any outing!!!