Friday, August 8, 2008

Buyers Questions...Answered

This is our second week of questions for our buyers. It is so much fun talking about these topics in our group. Keep sending 'em in, ladies! Here is one from our friends over at BijouCo, and a few from a friend in LimeVine:

What attracts you to a certain design?

Color, design style, fabrics used, quality of construction, all of these things were mentioned. Also, some of us love applique work, and whimsical sets, and search those daily. We also look at the details in a set, and we really do notice all the little special details all you fabulous designers take the time to put in to a design, and we do appreciate it! Also, wearability...we really look at things are kids are going to be able to wear on an everyday basis. And lastly, we look at things that are going to be meeting our criteria of what we are looking to get at that particular moment. Like right now, most of us are shopping BTS, so we might not even glance at Summer.

Do you buy ready to ship sets and if so, what sizes sell best?

We all absolutely buy RTS sets. And we agreed that we think sizes 2T-4T sell best.

Also, are buyers willing to pay as much for RTS designs?

The general consensus on this was no, we don't think buyers are willing to pay the same. We basically feel that a RTS set is not a "custom" made specifically to the measurements of our child. We are willing to pay as much for a RTS set from a designer that warrants a higher bid, as we would a custom from a designer that gets average bid amounts, if that makes any sense.

Next Friday, more Designers and Buyers questions will be answered!

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