Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Interview With Stacey...4*My*2*Princesses

When I thought of buyers to ask to help with the blog, I immediately thought of Stacey. She is experienced, has great ideas, and is very active in the boutique community. She is also going to be occasionally writing on the blog, and she is helping with the buyers questions. Please take a moment to read her interview, and get to know her a little better! Pictured are her gorgeous daughters, Sarah and Marisa, in some custom boutique sets from her favorite designers.

So Stacey, how long have you been buying custom boutique on eBay? Since March of 2004. My older daughter was 15 months old when I made my first purchase. She is now 5 1/2!

What got you started? I had been browsing on eBay for a spring jacket for Sarah. A custom made jacket came up in my search and got me interested.
The listing had some "letters" that I searched, and I discovered the whole "group" thing, and as a result, found TONS of listings!

Who do you buy for? My daughters, Sarah and Marisa, occasionally for myself and gifts for moms/grandmoms, etc.

Tell us a little about you work outside the home, what are your hobbies or interests, where do you live, etc.? I am a stay at home mommy to two beautiful little girls and a beautiful Standard Poodle. I live in the busy suburban town of Havertown, PA. It is about 20 minutes west of Philadelphia. I love swimming and going to the beach and pool. I love photographing my daughters and family. I also enjoy doing puzzles like crossword and sudoku.

What types of items are you looking for right now? I have been going crazy purchasing big/little sister sets for my girls! I'm beginning to fill their closets for fall.

Do you have any favorite types of fabric, or fabric designers? I love knit because it's so practical and comfortable. I don't have any favorites!

Any favorite color combos that you tend to buy often? Pink and purple will always catch my eye.

Do you just buy customs off eBay, or do you go to other websites as well, such as Etsy? I definitely shop Etsy, along with some websites of individual designers.

Do you have any favorite designers? Gosh, so many! Here are a few from whom I have purchased multiple items and would recommend to anyone in a heartbeat!
hollysmama, my*unbirthday, cactusblossomdesigns, harmony_wear, miniwhimzy, phoebes*landing, moochiesmamma, lyndsayleila, little*bits*by*lisa, toodee*frudee*kids, pepperplum, bark-at-the-moon, the list could go on and on!!!

What makes them stick out from the crowd in your eyes? They all have beautiful, clean cut designs. They also have fabulous and friendly customer service.

Give me your top three designers that you have NEVER purchased from, but would like to. I'm sure there are others, but these came to mind first:
bowznstuff_boutique, maddie*kate, smallsomething

Are you a member of any buyers groups on eBay? BDB, CBD, and Angels Charity special group. I removed myself from all other groups when Marisa was born!

Do you have a favorite auction on eBay right now? Or a favorite item on Etsy? Honestly, right now, I don't have a favorite!

Do you have a group of "go to designers", the girls you seem to buy from often that you trust, or are you constantly trying out new designers? I definitely have a handful of "go to designers". I do try out new designers when something grabs my attention, though!

What criteria do you have to try out someone new? For example, do they have to have 100% positive feedback, do they have to be recommended to you, do they have to have at least a certain number of feedbacks?
I usually like to see feedback from other buyers with whom I am familiar (such as Michelle and Jennifer!) If another buyer I "know" approves, then I am usually
comfortable. I do check for any negative feedback and why it was received. I typically don't bid as high as I would with a designer with whom I was completely confident.

Some designers give out little extras, as a way of saying thanks for the purchase, is that important to you?
Important, no. However, when a package comes with a little extra something for the girls (at least Sarah) it makes her day, and seeing her get all giddy gets me even more excited about the purchase. It definitely makes it a more memorable purchase.

What would make you never buy from a designer again? For example...poor packaging, wrinkled clothing, poor construction of garment, would those things stick out in your mind?
Definitely poor construction and poor/unfriendly customer service.

I see that you do a lot of reselling as well. How much time do you think you spend a week on listing resells, shipping items, etc?
I list resales pretty sporadically, so I'd say not more than about 2 hours a week, some weeks not at all.

Do you have any favorite children's store bought brands?
If the girls aren't in coordinating custom outfits, they are in big/little sister sets from Gymboree. For hanging around the house/playing in the yard, etc.,
I typically buy comfy knit sets from TCP.

What store would you like to max out your credit card at? I love classic Louis Vuitton handbags/accessories, so I guess that's where I'd go!

Last but not least, do you have any advice for new buyers, to help get them started? I'd have to say check the feedback, ask TONS of questions of the designer
BEFORE bidding, and make sure you are comfortable!


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Stacey your family is so beautiful. I love the picture with you and the girls in matching sets! Way too cute!! Great to get to know a little more about you! Cindy

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Stacey, your girls are adorable! Thanks so much for sharing about your family!