Thursday, August 7, 2008

CancerStinks Charity Auctions

Sarah from StinkyPeteCo recently started training for her very first triathlon with Team IN Training, an organization that encourages ordinary folks to train and complete endurance races in order to raise funds and awareness for Cancer and blood cancers in specific. She is going to be Swimming 1 mile, Biking 25, and running a 10K, and she has committed to raising $2700. To help her raise money for this extremely important cause, she enlisted the help of some of her peers on eBay. The formed a group called TeamStink, and are currently listing charity auctions. Below are some of the designs being offered, or Click Here to go directly to this launch. Please help out and take a look to see if anything strikes your fancy, and remember, all the proceeds go to charity, so bid big!

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Kristen said...


thanks so much for the support for Sarah's charity auction! Every dollar counts :)