Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Todays Random Post.......

Once a week we are doing this random post, sorry I am a bit late getting to it today. I see Michelle has already mentioned charity. This is such a generous community. I would love to know what kind of charity you support on your site or blog. One of everyone's favorites is "Flat Betty" If you don't know about it you have to check out the site here. It is such a cute idea. You invite your friends over for a pajama party, they bring a pair of pajamas and a new book to be donated to less fortunate children. It's good to know Brad and Angelina don'thave the run on everything! So, if you have some good deed your sponsoring or are aware of, please leave a comment here or shoot me an email so we could let others know about it.
Also, I have had a pretty rough time of things the last few years. I am just getting back on my feet and plan on having my business up and running again after a three year hiaitus by September 1. I will be donating 5% of all profits to a charity I have started called "Cornucopia". The money gathered here will be used to provide emotional, legal, spiritual and financial support to single moms in my hometown. (NYC) Without going too much into my personal views, I have found out the hard way that there is little support here for woman who fall on hard times. The court system is a horror and lawyers are unaffordable. Thank God I came out of this on the other side. I haven't fully thought this whole thing out yet but I will keep you posted.
Thanks for reading!! Laura


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