Monday, August 18, 2008

Designers Questions...Answered

These didn't get posted on Friday, and I know some of you are anxiously awaiting them, so here they are:

What attracts you to want to join a certain design group? Is it mostly about the design style of the group, or about which group your friends are in, or which groups get the higher dollar amounts? Would you turn down an offer from a group that tends to be more popular, if you really got along well with the members of your current group?

This was kind of split in two...some of the designers approach groups as a business opportunity, and look at it as only that, and some would rather have a group that meshes well with each other, and is very friendly and supportive of each other. Not that a designer that approaches it as business can't be involved in a group like the second example, but it is my understanding from what I read in our eBay group that the number one priority is making a good business decision.

They would also like to be involved in groups that are consistent in listing, launches, etc. And groups that have the same high standards in quality of craftsmanship, and customer service, as they do. Being inspired by other designers, and challenged by the group, were also mentioned.

Here are two quotes I pulled out from our group:

"Probably the thing that is MOST important to me, though, is that there is harmony in the group. I will not walk into a drama fest. It DOES help to have at least one friend in the group ahead of me... that way I can find out if she thinks I will meld well with the other designers."

"I guess the simplest answer is that selling custom boutique is a business for me so I approach that is how I approach groups - the best business decision I can make at any given time. Having said that I wouldn't stay somewhere I was really unhappy even if it was a high profile group - that wouldn't be good for business either - I would be unhappy and irritated all the time."

If you are in a group, do you get pressured from your group to list at certain times? Do you feel as if you have to maintain a certain dollar amount? Are there any rules like that, or can you just list what you want when you want?

Okay, from what I have read it seems as if the larger the group, the less pressure. And it really depends on the group if there are these certain rules or not.

Here are a couple more quotes:

"From my own personal experience, the 'bigger' the group the less the rules. In my early experiences of group membership there were so many rules and regulations and people getting kicked out"

"I know some groups have policies on listing, and honestly that's probably a good idea because otherwise you get people who are inactive and you never know quite how to handle them. Are they there or aren't they? Should they be able to participate in making group decisions when they never list? And the one that really gets me should they be able to complain about stuff when they never list! LOL!"

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