Friday, August 29, 2008

Designers Questions...Answered

Does the amount you get per custom define your design style, or does your design stlye define the amount you get per custom?

In other words, do you feel free to create what ever strikes you, or are you held back because of the price of materials, time it takes to create the set, etc., and you feel you won't get that back in the selling price? Are you always creating new designs, or are you sticking with what is selling for you?

Most the designers in the group feel free to create what they want. They don't really go on a budget for materials, and they don't hold back much on the time it will take to add a certain element to a design. Although, what was brought up was they will skip some pieces if they don't feel it will bring up the value of the set. For example, they might skip making matching leggings, since the end selling price might not be effected that much. Some of them design around trends, and would like to totally do a design that reflects their style.

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